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Fields of Psychology

Focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health problems. clinical psychologist
Helps rehabilitate people with problems arising from brain damage or irregularities in brain function. clinical neuropsychologist
Works with individuals, community groups and organisations to help improve health and welfare of people in the community. community psychologist
Helps people deal with all kinds of personal and relationship problems. counselling psychologist
Helps people with issues that affect learning or with life changes. educational and developmental psychologist
Works with people in legal and correctional service settings. forensic psychologist
Promotes and maintains health-related behaviour, works on improving the healthcare system. health psychologist
Helps people in workplaces. organisational psychologist
Helps athletes to develop mental skills to achieve peak performance. sport psychologist
Focuses on bodily structures, systems and activities associated with behaviour and mental processes. biological psychologist
Focuses on how people process, remember and use information. Studies how we think, perceive and learn cognitive psychologist
Focuses on people's characteristic and enduring ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. personality psychologist
Focuses on how behaviour can change in different social situations. social psychologist
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