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TT2 Anemia Lab

TT2 NHCC Anemia Lab Values

What is the purpose of a Total Iron Content – Ferritin test? Reflects the body iron stores and is the most reliable indicator of total-body iron status
What are the normal values for Total iron content? Men =20-250 Women=10-120
What are the nursing responsibilites for a Total Iron Content test? No radioactive medication s for 3-4 days before testing, Avoid alcohol – higher levels occur in alcoholism
What is the purpose of a Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) test? Transferrin saturation is an index of iron saturation, Transferrin regulates iron absorption
What is the normal TIBC value? Men=65-175 Women=50-170
What are the nursing responsibilites for a TIBC test? Draw sample BEFORE iron therapy is initiated or blood is transfused, Fasting blood in morning (levels are higher), IF patient has received transfusion delay testing for 4 days, Avoid any iron-chelating drug, Avoid sleep deprivation and extreme stress –
What do sleep deprivation and extreme stress do to iron levels? Lowers them
What is the purpose of testing for Bilirubin? Results from the breakdown of hemoglobin in the RBCs. A rise in bilirubin occurs when there is an excessive destruction of RBCs
What is the normal value of a total billiubin count? 0.3-1.0
What are the nursing responsibilites for a billirubin test? Test not suitable for infants younger than 15 days, avoid exposure to sunlight or high intensity light. No contrast medium 24 hours before test, Do not shake or allow air bubbles into specimen. Prolonged fasting and anorexia raises the level
How does one hour of exposure to sunlight or high intensity light affect a billirubin test? will decrease bilirubin content
Why shouldn't you shake or allow air bubbles into the billirubin specimen? may decrease levels
What is a Reticulocyte Count? % of immature RBC, they arePresent 1-2 days before the cell reaches its full mature state.
What is the purpose of a Reticulocyte Count? Used to differentiate anemia’s caused by bone marrow failure from those caused by hemorrhage or hemolysis. Also to check the effectiveness of treatment in pernicious anemia and folate & iron deficiency. To assess the recovery of bone marrow function.
What would an increase in a Reticulocyte Count indicate? might mean that the bone marrow is trying to compensate
What is the normal value of a Reticulocyte Count? 0.5% - 1.5%
What is the pupose of a Sedimentation Rate aka Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)? Non-specific test. Increase found in anemia from acute or chronic disease, Normal in iron-deficiency anemia alone
What is the value of a normal ESR? Men 0-15, after age 50 =0-20, Women 0-20, After age 50 =0-30
What are the nursing responsibilites with an ESR? Should not be allowed to stand at room temp more than 24 hours. If refrigerated let return to room temp before performing test
What is a Complete Blood Count (CBC)? Consists of a series of tests that determine number, variety, percentage, concentrations and quality of blood cells.
What tests are included in a CBC? WBC, Dif, RBC, Hct, Hb, Red Blood cell indices, stained red cell examination, platelet count, RDW (red blood cell distribution width), MPV (Mean platelet volume)
What does the 5. Hematocrit (Hct) Measure? measures RBC mass = % of RBC to plasma
What does the Red Blood cell indices measure? calculated values of size and Hb content of RBC’s important in anemia evaluations
What tests are included in the Red Blood cell indices? Mean corpuscular volume (MCV), Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), mean corpuscular hemoglobin = (MCH)
What is an MCV? measure cell size. Individual cell size is the best index for classifying anemias. The index expresses the volume occupied by a single erythrocyte
What is an MCH? measures cell weight. he measure of the average weight of Hb per RBC. This index is of value in diagnosing the severely anemic patients
What is a MCHC measures the average concentration of Hb in the RBC’s. Most valuable I monitoring therapy for anemia because the two most accurate hematologic determinations (Hb and Hct) are used in it’s calculations
What does a decrease in MCHC indicate? A unit volume of packed RBC’s contain LESS Hb than normal, Hypochromic anemias, iron deficiency, Microcytic anemias, chronic blood losso Some thalassemias
What does a Increase in MCHC indicate? RBC’s cannot accommodate more than 37 g/dL, Spherocytosis (hereditary, Newborns and infants
What is the value of a decreased MCHC? Less than 30 g/dL
What is the value of an increased MCHC? greater than 37 g/dL
What is a normal hgb? Men - 14.0-17.4 ,women - 12.0-16.0
What is a normal Hct %? Men - 42-52, Women - 36-48
What is a normal MCV? 84-96
What is a normal MCH? 28-34
What is a normal MCHC? 32-36
What is normal for Platelets? 140-400
What is a normal RDW %? 11.5-14.5
What is a normal MPV? 7.4-10.4
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