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Chapter 2

Integumentary System

dermo/o skin
kerat/o hard
onych/o nail
seb/o sebum (oil)
xanth/o yellow
stratum basale deepest layer of epidermis that gives color to the skin
sebaceous glands oil glands in the skin
collagen protein substance in skin and connective tissue (koila = glue; gen = producing)
lesion an area of pathologically altered tissue; types of lesions are primary, secondary, vascular, and purpuric
papule a solid mass on the skin up to 0.5 cm in diameter (e.g., a nevus [mole])
wheal an area of localized skin edema (swelling) (e.g., a hive)
secondary lesions lesions that result in changes to primary lesions
scale a thin flake of exfoliated epidermis (e.g., dandruff)
purpuric lesions purpura; lesions resulting from hemorrhages into the skin
keloid an abnormal overgrowth of scar tissue that is thick and irregular (kele = tumor)
albinism A hereditary condition characterized by partial or total lack of melanin pigment (particularly in the skin, hair, and eyes)
third degree burn A burn that involves destruction of entire skin: epidermis, dermis and extends into the subcutaneous layer
rubella An acute but mild disease cause by rubella virus, also called German Measles
gangrene death of tissue associated with loss of blood supply
squamous cell carcinoma malignant neoplasm of the stratified squamous epithelium
onychia inflammation fo the fingernail or toenail
pediculosis pubis infestation with the pubic or crab louse, especially in the pubic hair (pubis = groin)
biopsy (Bx) removal of a small piece of tissue for microscopic pathologic examination
scratch test a test in which a substance is applied to the skin through a scratch
debridement removal of dead tissue from a wound or burn site to promote healing and to prevent infection
fulguration to lighten; use of long, high-frequency, electric sparks to destroy tissue; the active electrode does not touch skin
Mohs surgery a technique used to excise tumors of the skin by removing fresh tissue, layer by layer, until a tumor-free plane is reached
radiation therapy treatment of neoplastic disease using ionizing radiation to deter the proliferation of malignant cells
antibiotic a drug that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms
anti-inflammatory a drug that reduces inflammation (swelling)
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