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Anatomy Lecture pt.2

Chapers 1,4,5

What's in the matrix of cartilage Condocytes Fibers Lacunae
What make up the intervertebral discs Collagen Fibers Reticular Elastic
Collagen Fibers are? Tough
Reticular Fibers are? Thin
Elastic Fibers are? Elastic
What is the meaning of simple squamous epithelium? Single layer of flattened cells with disc-shaped nuclei and sparse cytoplasm
What is the meaning of Simple cuboidal epithelium? Single layer of cubelike cells with large, spherical central nuclei
Epithelial tissue always has... A basement membrane Blood Supply and the cells are packed
Single Layer Cell are..... Simple
Nervous System Tissue comes from... The ectoderm
Muscle Tissue comes from... The Mesoderm
Epithelium Tissue Come from.... Ectoderm Mesoderm Endoderm
Connective Tissue comes from... Mesoderm
Why do you need a hair root So that you can sense things
What gland secretes earwax? The sebaceous glands
Difference between endocrine and exocrine Endocrine have no ducts and go straight into the blood stream Exocrine have ducts and secrete to the surface.
What is a chondroblast? Actively mitotic cell of cartilage
Melanocytes Shaped like a spider found in stratum basal
Adipose Tissue Found under skin, around kidneys, insulates against heat loss,supports and protects.
Pseudostratified Falsely layered
First step in tissue repair Replacing with granulation tissue
Main component of connective tissue 3 Fibers...Collagen,Elastic,Reticular
Hypoderm works as.... Shock Absorber
Layers of skin..(from superficial to deep) Stratum Coeneum Stratum Granulosum Stratum Spinosum Stratum Basale
Two layers of dermis Papillary Layer Reticular Layer
Aricitular pilli muscle.... causes goosebumps
Receptors of light touch is.... Merkel Cells
Keratinocytes produce the fibrous protein keratin Most important in the epidermis
Melanocytes produce the brown pigment melanin
More melanin granules= Protection
Dermal papillae give you fingerprints
Dermis Layers Papillary Reticular(80% thickness of the skin)
Created by: belgerb