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Sun is composed (made of)... ...hydrogen & helium
Sun heats water, vapor is produced, vapor rises to clouds; cloud process is.... ....condensation (cold, can of coke)
During the Carbon Cycle, what is the process that provides food to eat & oxygen to breathe... ...photosynthesis
When the Water Cycle is affected by increase temperature, what happens? ...evaporation
What causes light bulbs to glow... ...filament in light bulbs become hot & glows
Sun helps cause wind because... ...air is heated by sunlight & rises into atmosphere
Characteristics of light.... travels in a straight line; allows us to see objects; form of energy
What is a lunar eclipse? Earth is directly between moon & sun
Electrical energy can be converted into... ....heat & light energy
What is translucent? some light passes through & creates fuzzy images
Solid can be changed to liquid & liquid can be changed to gas by adding what? thermal or heat energy
What is rotation? Earth spinning on axis
Electromagnet uses wire, iron & battery
pencil looks broken in water because of... ....refraction
How do animals get nitrogen to make protein? animals eat other animals that eat plants
Created by: rothrams1