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Government Test chpt 1-3

4 Article 2 establishes the _________ branch of our government Executive
8 Term used when reffering to liberal ideas Laws
9 Which article sets qualifications to run for congress One
10 Ratification of the constitution required the vote of _________ states Nine
11 A confederation of states gets its power from the ______ States
12 Amendment deals with due process rights of those charged with a crime Fifth
15 First 10 amendments to the constitution Bill Of Rights
16 Control over others Power
17 Common ________ is the cumulative body of law we get from judicial decisions Law
18 The pursuit and exercise of power Politics
20 Amendment protects against cruel and unusual punishment Eighth
22 Type of cases dealt with in the seventh amendment Civil
24 A constitution is the principle way to _______ govenment power Limit
25 One purpose of government is to maintain ______ Order
26 Which article establishes the US supreme court Three
1 Means a sharing of powers between national and state governments Seperation
2 Freedom of speech is found in the __________ amendment First
3 What article requires the president to "report to congress" Two
5 "Supreme law of the land" Constitution
6 Clause found in article 1 giving congress power to make laws that are "necessary & proper" Elastic
7 Branch of government established in article 1 Legislative
10 One purpose of government is to provide for _______ defense National
13 The decisions, laws, government policies, regulations, judicial rulings, etc. Outputs
14 The ________ part of the constitution consists of the amendments Third
15 Meaning two houses Bicameral
19 One major conflict founding fathers faced was that of _________ Slavery
21 Term often used when reffering to conservative ideals Right
23 The philosopher greatly influenced the writing of the constitution Locke
Created by: skellah