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Anatomy Lab Qz1

Lab Quiz 1

Cranial Cavity Brain
Vertebral Cavity Spinal Cord
Thoracic Cavity Heart Lung Esophagus
Abdominal Cavity Liver Stomach
Pelvic Cavity Uriniary bladder
Not in body cavity Kidney
Low power lens 10x
High dry lens 45x
Oil immersion lens 100x
Closer to the eye Ocular lens
Closer to the specimen Objective lens
Maximum magnification 1000x
Condenser Focus light beam
Iris Diaphragm Controls light density
Slide is mounted here Stage
Inverted Upside down and backward.
Simple Squamous Single layer of flat cells
Simple Cuboidal Lines the tubules of the kidney
Simple Columnar lines the small intestine
Pseudostratified Columnar Lines the trachea and upper airways
Stratified Squamous Lines the oral cavity
Transitional Epithelium Lines the urinary bladder
Adipose Forms insulation to prevent heat loss
Reticular Forms the framework for soft organs
Dense Regular Forms tendons of skeletal muscle
Hyaline Cartilage Forms the rings of the trachea
Bone Cells arranged around a central canal
Blood Found normally in blood vessels
Skeletal Muscle Cell contraction moves the skeleton
Cardiac Muscle Cell Contraction pumps the blood
Smooth Muscle Cells responsible for uterine contractions
Sebaceous Gland Gland associated with hair follicle
Eccrine Sweat Gland Functions to increase heat loss
Meissner's Corpuscle Sensory receptor that detects light touch
Dermal Papilla Increase contact with epidermis
Hair Papilla Provides nutrients for hair follicle
Arrector Papilla Muscle associated with hair follicle
Stratum Basale Layer that generates new epidermal cells
Stratum Lucidum Layer present only in thick skin
Stratum Corneum Layer composed of dead,keratinized cells
Subcutaneous Layer Attaches skin to underlying structures
Created by: belgerb