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Pedi Medications

pediatric medications information

acyclovir (generic name) classification is anti-viral
acyclovir (ay-sye-kloe-veer) use 2 herpies, chicken pox
acyclovir SE 4 thrombocytopenia, liver & kidney prob, GI prob
acyclovir NUR considerations adequeate hydration
Ventolin (generic-albuterol)classification bronchodilator
albuterol use 2 asthma, bronchitis,
albuterol SE: 7 SE: exciteability, HTN, insomnia, tachycardia, bradycardia, dry mouth, hyperactivity
albuterol AKA Ventolin is given as 2 nebulizer or puffer
Reglan (G=met-oh-kloe-pra-mide)classification anti emetic
Reglan used for 3 stomach emptying, reflux, N/V
Reglan SE 5 drowsy, diarrhea/constipation, insomnia, dry mouth;
Reglan Give when: 30 min before meal
digoxin classification 2 anti arrhythmics, inotropics
digoxin use 2 arrhythmias, cardio problems
digoxin SE 5 HTN, fatigue, arrhythmias, bradycardia, hallucinations
digoxin NUR considerations-TAKE PULSE FIRST monitor pulse - hold if below: Infants: below 90, Children below 70
pancrease (a combo product) is an enzyme drug with lipase, amylase and protease
pancrease is used in cystic fibrosis kids
pacrease SE 2 diarrhea and cramps
pancrease NUR considerations 3 I's & O's, stools, nutrition
pacrease is given with all food - before food if possible
Zofran G:(on-dan-se-tron) classification is antiemetics
Zofran is used for/Given as: 2/2 N-V/PO or IV
Zofran SE/Give as: 5 dizzy, constipation, diarrhea, drowsy, HA
Zofran NUR considerations (3) WATCH I&O's, listen to bowel sounds, & monitor liver function
baclofen classification 2 anti-spasticity & skeletal muscle relaxants
baclofen is used by 2 MS and Ceberal Palsy kids
baclofen SE's are (7) N, HTN,sedation, fatigue, weakness, dizzy, and interfer w/seizure meds
baclofen NUR considerations (2) monitor liver function, wean dose
Prednisone(PO)/Solumedrol(IV) are corticosteroids
Prednisone/Solumedrol is used in kids for 5 asthma, respiratory problems, alergies, chemo and cerebral edema
Prednisone/Solumedrol SE's (7) Incr:infection risk & glucose & apetite; Mood Swings, GI problems, Moon Face, and lower wound healing,
Prednisone-if long term use must wean off
Aspirin-Salicylates family - classifications 2 anti pyretics & non-opioid analgesic
Aspirin use NOT FOR KIDS
Aspirin not for kids because of Ryes syndrome
Aspirin NUR considerations TEACH PARENTS NOT TO GIVE
Tylenol classifications 2 anti pyretic & non-opioid analgesic
Tylenol use/SE: 2/1 fever, mild pain/liver problems
chloral hydrate:classification & How given: 2/2 sedative-hypnotic/PO or rectal suppository
chloral hydrate use/SE: 1/1 sedation for a procedure/excessive sedation
Rifampin (rif-am-pin) classification/Give: 1/1 anti-TB/IV
Rifampin is used for: 2 antibiotic for TB and meningycoccxl meningitis
Rifampin may be given to close contacts as a preventative (ie school outbreak)
Rifampin SE body secretions ORANGE(should remove contacts)
Ditropan (G-oxybutynin) classification anti-spasmodic for urinary system
Ditropan use 2 enuresis and neurogenic bladder
Ditropan SE (8) dry mouth,constipation,dehydration,drowsy, insomnia,weak,urinary retent.,incr.H rate,
Ditropan NUR considerations: 3 Monitor I&O's, BP & H rate
Procardia(G-nye-fed-i-pen)class/use:2/1 anti anginal, HTN/HTN
Procardia SE's (8) Low BP,lite headed, inc.H rate, face flushing, palpatations, dizzy, peripheral edema, HA
Procardia NUR considerations: 3 Monitor BP, liver function & electrolytes
Pricardia forms:2 extended release, gel caps (may put needle in it and use buccal route)
Some anti infectives are Rocephin, Zosyn, Vancomycin, Gentamycin
Rocephin-(G-ceftriaxone) Route/good because IM or IV/may be given as 24 hour dose and avoid hospital, can go to Dr for shot daily
Rocephin SE: GI upset
Anti infectives used for severe infection are: Vancomycin & Gentamycin
SE of Vancomycin and Gentamycin oto toxicity and nephro (kidney) toxicity
Adverse Affect of Vancomycin Red Man syndrome - face red and itches
What antiinfective-give slow over 1 HR Vancomycin
Zosyn -an antibiotic - DO NOT CONFUSE WITH ZOFREN which is an antiemetic
Created by: RN