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med surge-Skin

Alopecia Loss of hair
Autograft Surgical transplantation of any tissue from one part of the body to another on the same person.
Contracture Shortening or tention of muscles that affects extension.
Excoriation Loss of epidermis;linear,hollowed-out crusted area.(Ex.Abrasion or scratch,scabies.)
Pruritus Itching
Macule,Freckles Small,flat blemishes that are flush with skin surface.
Papules Small,raised,solid skin lesions less than 1cm in diameter.(Ex.Wart(verruca)elevated moles,lichen planus.
Urticaria Presence of wheals or hives in an allergic reaction.
Pediculosis Lice infestation;a parasite disorder of the skin that is usually associated c poor living conditions and poor hygiene.
Keloid Overgrowth of collagenous scar tissue at the sight of a wound.
Wheals Round elevation of the skin;white in the center c pale red periphery.(Ex.Insect bite,urticaria,allergic reaction.
Verruca(wart) A benign,viral,warty skin lesion c a rough papillomatous(nipple like)growth occuring in many forms.
Pustulant vesicle Small,circumscribed elevation of the skin that contains pus.
Nevi A pigmented,congenital skin blemish that is usually benign but can become cancerous.(Ex.birthmarks or moles)
Suppuration Production of purulent material.
Tinea Capitis Ringworm of the scalp.
Tinea Corporis Ringworm of the body
Tinea Cruris Jock itch
Tinea pedis Athletes foot.
The skin,or integument,a major organ Is the outer covering of the body,and together c its appendages-hair,nails and special glands.
Integumentary Dystem Hair,nails and special glands makes up the integumentary system.
Although the skin covers the outside of the body,its main function is Homeostasis and protection of the internal organs.
Functions of the skin Pathogenic organisms,foreign substances,natural barrier against infection.
Functions of skin CONT... Temperature regulation,prevention of dehydration,Excretion of waste products,Vit.D Synthesis.
Structure of the skin Skin consist of two layers:the outer epidermis and inner dermis,or corium.
Herpes Zoster(SHINGLES) Caused from the same virus that causes chicken pox.The virus causes inflamation of the spinal ganglia.
Shingles Sometimes the virus may affect a single nerve such as trigeminal nerve.
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