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nutrition pregnancy

nutrition and pregnancy ati c4

hyperemesis gravidarum persistent nausea and vomiting during early pregnancy resulting in dehydration, weight loss and possible electrolyte imbalances.
treatment for hyperemesis gravidarum includes: npo. iv fluids. controlling nausea and vomiting. slow progress to small feedings as tolerated. tube feed maybe.
pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) bp elevation to 140/90 mm Hg. systolic inc of 30 or diastolic increase of 15 above baseline. symptoms - edema, proteinuria. severe forms can lead to seizure/coma.
treatment for PIH monitor vitals frequently, esp. bp. assess edema, record daily weights. check for proteinuria, high protein diet, i & o, deep tendon reflexes, headache and LOC. bed rest, magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures. calcium gluconate in event of mgso4 od
treatment for gestational diabetes restrict diet calories/carbs, monitor glucose and diet, educate on signs/symptoms of hypo-hyper glycemia and fetal monitoring for macrosomia. insulin if needed. oral hyogycemics are contraindicated bc teratogenic.
anemia in pregnancy hemoglobin < 10.5 to 11 g/dL. hematocrit <32%-33%
treatment for anemia during pregnancy educate on foods rich in iron, educate on vit. c sources (aids in iron absorption ), educate on constipation and darkened stools related to iron supplementation.
nutritional plans for lactating women should include inc cal intake, inc fluids, inc protein, avoid alcohol/caffeine. avoid food substances not agreeing w/ newborn
non breastfeeding nutritional plans should includ resume previous diet, adhere to well-balanced diet
Created by: FSclafani