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pregnancy nutrition

nutrition for childbearing c15 ob

gynecoogic age number of years since menarche
heme iron iron obtained from meat, poultry or fish sources; the form most usable by body
nonheme iron iron obtained from plants and fortified foods
nutrient density quantity and quality of protein, vitamins and minerals per 100 calories in foods
bmi calculation wt in lbs divided by ht in inches squared. multiply by 703
recommended wt gain during pregnancy 25 to 35 lbs.
low prepregnancy wt is associated with? preterm labor and low birth weight infants
obesity in pregnancy related to? gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, neural tube defects, macrosomia, cesarean birth and postpartum complications
Weight gain recommended for underweight, normal, overweight, obese, twin pregnant mothers? 28-40 lbs; 25-35 lbs; 15-25 lbs.; 15 lbs; 35-45 lbs.
Weight gain pattern during pregnancy 3.5 lbs in first trimester, 0.88 lbs each week thereafter
Weight gain more important to what subclasses of pregnant women? african-americans and adolescents, because they tend to have smaller infants even when weight gain similar to whites or older mothers.
Typical increase in calories throughout preganancy no change in first trimester; 340 more in 2nd; 452 more in third
folic acid recommendation for women of childbearing age 400 mcg
women whose previous pregnancy resulted with infant with neural tube defect should take in what amount of folic acid 4 mg during 4 weeks pre-pregnancy and throughtout first trimester, decreases risk of recurrence of neural tube defects by 80%
folic acid remmendation for pregnant women 600 mcg
iron needs during pregnancy 1000 mg
nutritional factors effecting southeast asians pregnancy and postpartum lactose intolerance (inc. dark leafy greens), pregnancy viewed as hot period and needs cold foods, postpartum viewed as cold period and needs hot foods. vitamin D supplements
nutritional risk factors during pregnancy socioeconomic status, adolescence, vegetarianism, lactose intolerance, nausea/vomiting, anemia, abnormal prepregnancy weight, eating disorders, cravings/aversions, pica, multiparity and multifetal pregnancy, substance use and abuse, fad diets
add'l calories required for lactating mother 500 calories a day for first 6 months, 400 for rest
How much weight gain would indicate possible edema? more than 6.5 lbs per month
What amount of weight gain for pregnancy would indicate inadequate intake 2.2 lbs. or less
what food /drinks should be avoided by lactating women? alcohol, caffeine and foods that seem to cause distress in the infant.
protein requirements and pregnancy about 71 g/ day (about 25 g more than prepregnancy)
reasons for potential toxic effect of fat soluble vitamins stored in liver. excess consumption may result in toxic effects
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