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Cultural Diversity

Nursing is a subculture of which larger cultures in our society? healthcare systems
What best describes the type of health promotion practiced by Hawaiians? Past illness is viewed as part of the whole and there is an emphasis on preventative medicine with treatment using medicinal plants and minerals
What best describes the type of health promotion practiced by Hispanics? Hispanics believe God gives health and allows illness for a reason
If a patient refuses to allow the nurse to draw blood for a test because he believes blood is the body's life forces and cannot be regenerated, it is likely that he belongs to which ethnic group? Asian
4 nursing considerations for Native American cultures? indirect eye contact is acceptable and sometimes preferred, note taking is taboo, a low tone voice is often considered respectful, and a patient may expect the caregiver to deduce the problem through instinct
In which ethnic group would folk-healing practices and home remedies be used by some families for particular illnesses? African American
Diet consideration for French culture? corn is considered animal feed
Who is considered responsible for family health in an African American family? the African American woman
What addiction is prevalent among Mexican Americans? alcoholism
4 Native American illnesses? heart disease, cirrhosis, diabetes, fetal alcohol syndrome
5 African American illnesses? HTN, stroke, sickle cell anemia, lactose intolerance, keloids
4 Asian illnesses? HTN, liver cancer, lactose intolerance, thalassemia
2 Hispanic illnesses? diabetes, lactose intolerance
5 White illnesses? breast cancer, heart disease, HTN, diabetes, obesity
4 Eastern Jew illnesses? cystic fibrosis, Gaucher's disease, spinal muscular atrophy, Tay-Sachs' disease
2 cultural goals of Healthy People 2020? cultural competence, decreased health disparities
Created by: arbaskett
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