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Pediatrics. Ch. 20.

Adolescent Nutrition

Why do adolescents always seem to be hungry Stomach capacity is too small to meet the increased caloric and protein requirements of the rapid growth spurt
Why are dietary deficiencies likely to occur in adolescence Growth acceleration and irregular eating patterns
What are nutrition requirements closely related to Sexual Maturity Ratings
Girls at which SMR stage are close to their peak growth velocity 2
Boys at which SMR stage are close to their peak growth velocity 3
What are the most notable changes in adolescent eating habits Skipped meals, more between meal snacks, and eating out more often
What may result in an adolescent eating little during the day and catching up at night Jobs, school activities, socialization
What is the problem with fast food High in calories, fat, protein, sugar, sodium – Low in fiber
What is the guide to assess the fiber requirements for children Year of age + 5grams
What is often the result of carbonated drinks replacing milk Low intake of calcium, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin D
What must be considered when estimating caloric needs Level of physical activity and gender
What are the most likely to be inadequate elements in the adolescent diet Calcium, iron, vitamin b12
What is known to be essential for growth and sexual maturation and is therefore of great importance in adolescents Zinc
What is a major area of conflict, concerning nutrition, between parents and adolescents Food and eating fads
What do 90% of adolescent vegetarian diets include Eggs and milk
What are iron rich foods in the vegetarian adolescent Fortified grain products
What is the downside to a high intake of foods rich in bran, whole grains, oxalic acid Iron absorption impairment
What foods impair the absorption of iron A high intake of oxalic acid (spinach), bran, whole grains
What foods can provide the zinc necessary for cognitive development Tofu, nuts, wheat germ, legumes
What may be necessary if animal products are totally excluded from the adolescent diet b12 supplement
What is the nursing role in adolescent nutrition Understand eating pattern, identify fad diets, understand reason for selecting diet, evaluate and discuss any deficiencies
What are the cornerstones for success in nutritional education Developing a partnership with the adolescent in meeting growth needs and allowing the adolescent to take responsibility for meeting own health needs
Vegetarians who eat no animal products at all are at risk for developing what deficiencies Protein, b12, calcium, iron, iodine, zinc
When can a totally vegetarian (vegan) diet be adequate When it is carefully planned
What is the best training diet one that contains food from each group in sufficient quantities to meet energy and nutritional demands
What do athletes exhaust reserves of Muscle glycogen
What type of foods can provide rapid recovery of muscle glycogen necessary for maintaining prolonged intense muscle activity Carbohydrates that can be rapidly converted to blood glucose
What will slowly absorbed glucose sources prevent Development of chronically low muscle energy stores
What should a young athlete consume to hasten muscle recovery 50grams of a rapidly used carb within 4 hours of exercise
What will prolong carbohydrate metabolism Foods high in fat and protein
What are some foods that provide a rapid supply of carbohydrates to muscles Corn flakes, bagels, raisins, maple syrup, potatoes, rice
What are some foods that provide a slow supply of carbohydrates muscles Apples, pears, green peas, chickpeas, skin milk, plain yogurt
How should fluids lost by sweat be replaced By drinking small amount of fluid during a work out
What depletes body water Caffeine and alcohol
Besides weight and strength gains, what are the effects of anabolic steroids Detrimental to bone growth
What is particularly necessary for female athletes Iron
What can increase serotonin in the brain Pancakes and syrup, breakfast pastries, muffin and jelly
What effect does increased serotonin in the brain have Soothing, sleepy response
What foods are high in fat and cholesterol Bacon and eggs
What effect does high fat and cholesterol have on the body Slow to digest diverts blood from the brain causing decreased alertness
What effect can more than 4 cups of caffeine have on the body Overstimulation and nervousness
What effect do protein rich meals have on the body Increased amino acid and tyrosine protein that breaks down into norepinephrine in the brain resulting in increased alertness
What are some examples of food that increase choline and acetylcholine Fish, soy, peanuts, rice
What effect do foods that increase choline and acetylcholine have on the body Increase memory
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