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PHS Ch 8

Professional Knowledge in Therapeutic Services

body mechanics specific positions for muscles and joints that help a person avoid injury during a physical task.
informed consent a patient’s choice to accept or reject a procedure after receiving information on available options and possible consequences.
malpractice term for actions that violate a professional’s scope of practice or standard of care and result in injury to a patient that could reasonably have been expected.
mandatory reporting the legal requirement for certain health issues to be reported to authorities.
medical errors preventable mistakes that can occur at any point in the healthcare process and may potentially cause harm to the patient.
organizational chart a diagram that shows how departments in an organization are related to one another.
safety check the process of looking for and removing potential hazards that could cause injury or harm.
safety precautions information about the safe operation of a piece of equipment, which is usually found in the instruction manual or on equipment labels.
scope of practice tasks that an employee is legally allowed to perform based on his or her training and certification.
standard of care the level of service that a healthcare professional is expected to provide to a patient based on that professional’s position and the patient’s condition.
workplace violence acts of verbal abuse, threats, physical assault, or homicide that occur at work.
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