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Review 3

Latina Christiana I

Auxilium Help
Bellum War
Caelum Heaven
Debitum Debt
Donum Gift
Forum Forum
Frumentum Grain
Gaudium Joy
Imperium Command
Oppidum Town
Peccatum Mistake
Praemium reward
Regnum Kingdom
Signum Sign
Telum Weapon
Tergum Back
Vallum Wall
Verbum Word
Vinum Wine
Aeternus Eternal
Altus High
Bonus Good
Certus Certain
Longus Long
Magnus Great
Malus Bad
Multus Much
Novus New
Parvus Small
Plenus Full
Primus First
Proximus Next
Sanctus Holy
Tertius Third
Totus Whole
Tutus Safe
Secundus Second
solus alone, only
summus highest, greatest
bene well
non not
clam secretly
numquam never
contra against
nunc now
ex out of
sub under
inter between
supra above
possum to be able
proelium battle
Created by: Gloria