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Human Nutrition 171

Exam 1

Carbohydrates A compound containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen atoms, Most are known as sugars, starches, and fibers
Lipids A compound containing much carbon, hydrogen, little oxygen, an sometimes other atoms. Lipids dissolve in ether or benzene but not in water and include fats, oils, and cholesterol
Protein Food and body components made of amino acids; proteins contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sometimes other atoms in a specific configuration. Proteins contain the form of nitrogen most easily used by the human body.
Vitamin compound needed is very small amounts in the diet to help regulate and support chemical reactions in the body
Mineral Element used in the body to promote chemical reactions and to form body structures
Water The universal solvent; chemically, H2O. The body is composed of about 60% water. Water (Fluid) needs are about 9 (women) or 13 (men) per day or greater for exercise heavilty
Atom Smallest combining unit of an element. Atom have P, E, N
Element A substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances by chemical processes. ex. O, H, N, CA
Macronutrient A nutrient needed in gram quantities in a diet
Micronutrient A nutrient needed in milligram or microgram quantities in a diet
Cell The structural basis of plant and animal organization. In animals it is bounded by a cell membrane.
Bond A linkage between two atoms formed by the sharing of electrons or attractions
Fiber Substances in plant foods not digested by the processes that take place in the human stomach or small intestine. These add bulk to feces. Fiber naturally found in foods is also called dietary fiber.
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