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Figures of Speech!

Lots of figures of speech for reading class

dynamic character a character who changes through out the story
static character remains the same throughout the whole story
alliteration the repitition of initial consonant sounds
personification an object given human characteristics
hyperbole extreme exageration
paradox a contradictory statement which actually makes sense
oxymoron a two-word contradiction
onomatopoeia the imitation of sounds
pun one word has two meanings at once
imagery set of mental pictures
symbol an object represents something else
tone attitude portrayed by the author
plot the sequence of events in the story
theme the central idea; insight; reason for writing the story
conflict the struggle out of which the story is grows
foreshadowing hints about the outcome of the story
point of view angle from which the story is told
setting year, place, geographical location, time of day, weather, socio/economic circumstances, historical time period
excerpt a little segmant of something
flashback returning the reader to the past
omniscient all knowing
greed material gained at any cost
sloth laziness
pride to high opinion of ones self
wrath extreme anger
envy jelousy
gluttony eatin of drinking to the excess
lust overwelming desire
epiphany change of heart
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