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EMT Test 3

Nitrolglycerin is given for ______ _______ and it dialates _______ chest pain, arteries
Side effects of Nitro include... decreased BP and headaches
Epinephrine is the antidote for... histamine
Epi works by... dialating lung passages and constricting blood vessels
Normal doses of epi are... 0.3 mg for adults and 0.15 mg for peds
Before and after meds, it is necessary to... take vitals
Asthma acute spasm of bronchioles that causes wheezing and decreased breath sounds
Asthma can be treated with... epi, antihistamine, high flow oxygen, inhaler, or nebulizer
Pulmonary Edema fluid buildup in alveoli & lung tissues
Pulmonary Edema can be caused by... inhaling large amounts of smoke, trauma to the chest, or toxic chemicals inhaled
Emphysema alveoli lose elasticity, stretch, and become destroyed
Pneumothorax accumulation of air in pleural space
With a pneumothorax, the lung collapses due to... negative vaccuum pressure lost in pleural space
COPD causes patients to... chronically produce sputum, have chronic cough, and difficulty moving air
The primary cause of COPD is... smoking
ischemia deficiency of blood supply due to obstruction of circulation
Athersclerosis buildup of fatty deposits on inner artery walls
Arteriosclerosis artery walls lose elasticity due to Ca buildup
Coronary Artery Disease narrowing of coronary arteries
Angina Pectoris reduction of blood flow to the heart during stress and exertion
Angina symptoms decrease within... 3-5 mins.
AMI severe and sudden decrease in oxygenated blood to heart by occlusion of coronary arteries that kills heart muscle
It is impossible to tell the difference between... angina and AMI
CHF inadequate pumping ability due to diseased valves
S/S of CHF include... COPD, edema, dyspnea, discomfort, acessory muscle use, weakness, tripoding
The rhytyms requiring shock are... V-Fib and V-Tach
The three layers of the heart are (from outter to inner)... epicardium, myocardium, endocardium
The largest layer of the heart is the.. myocardium
HTN has a systolic BP greater than _____ and a diastolic greater than ____ 180, 104
Hypotension has a systolic BP less than ______ and a diastolic less than ______ 90, 60
Diabetic Ketoacidosis the body uses fat for fuel, in the absence of glucose, creating ketones
The BG level of a person in insulin shock is lower than... 80
Altered Mental Status can be caused by... Alcohol, Epilepsy, Insulin, Overdose, Uremia, Trauma, Infection, Psych/Poison, Stroke
Allergen Category 1 insect bites and stings
Allergen Category 2 plants
Allergen Cateogry 3 medications
Allergen Category 4 food
Allergen Category 5 chemicals
Dont use activated Charcoal for... acid, alkali, or petrolium overdose
The doses of activated charcoal are.. 25-50 g in adults and 12.5-25 g in peds
Alcohol withdrawls show symptoms of... delerium tremors
Sympathomimetics stimulants such as cocaine and meth
The side effects of sympathomimetics are... HTN, tachycardia, dialated pupils, seizures, agitation
Hallucinogens drugs that alter sense of perception such as LSD and PCP
Symptoms of hallucinogen use are... HTN, tachycardia, anxiousness, paranoia
Anticholinergics block parasympathetic nerves
S/S of anticholinergics include... loss of siliva, emtremely dialated pupils, extreme red skin
Cholinergics nerve agents for warfare such as shrooms that overstimulate nerves
S/S of cholinergics include... urination, defication, pupil constriction, vomiting
Conduction transfer of body heat to colder object
Convection transfer of heat through air movement
Evaporation cooling of body by sweating
Radiation loss of body heat to cooler still environment
The temperature gradient for hypothermia is... less than 95 degrees F or 35 degreees C
Check core temperature on... abdomen
Heat Exposure exposure to high heat and humidity decreases effectiveness of cooling mechanisms
The difference betweeb heat exhaustion and heat stroke symptoms are... changes in behavior occur in heat stroke
Peritonitis infected and enflammed peritonium
Ulcers bacteria thins wall in duodenum or stomach and acid eats through
Melana tarry stools
Mallory Weis Syndrome/Esophageal Verasis... tear in esophagus and stomach that leads to bright red blood vomiting
Scerosis enlarged liver
Diverticulitis inflammation of pouches in large intestine
Ileus bowel obstruction
Hernia protrusion through hole in body wall
Placenta Abruptio premature separation of placenta
Placenta Previa placenta blocks cervix
Gravita number if pregnancies previously
Pera number of living children currently
APGAR appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, respirations
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