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Coast Guard EPME

What are the Coast Guard approved symbols for a message? ' : , ( ? " / - .
What are reportable CG mishaps Whenever a military member is injured or killed. Civilian employees while at work doing official CG work. Aux members while on orders. Contractors while on CG property. Visitors on official buisness.
CGC TAMPA sunk when? September 26, 1918
What are the keys to public speaking? Breath normally to control the rate of speech, Good posture, good voice control. Use proper enunciation, makes good eye contact, presents information so ideas are clear, natural in delivery style.
What happens when a member is given a alcohol incident? 1st: Screened and appropriate action taken2nd: Screened and normally discharged 3rd: Member processed fo discharge.
What treatments are there for alchohol dependency? Ant-abuse therapy is a non-toxic drug that interferes when the body metabolizes alcohol. When somone drinks while on the drug they experience flu like syptoms
What cutter shot first in the Spanish American War? The CGC MCCULLOH
When are special EER's needed? Going to OCS, promotion to CWO.
First MCPO in the CG? YNCM Jack Kerwin 01 NOV 58
Who was the first MCPO of the CG? BMCM Charles Calhoun 01 AUG 69.
Effective ways to relieve stress. Drink moderate amounts of alcohol, excersise for at least 30 min with an elevated heart rate at least three times a week, eat breakfast, and refrain from smoking
What was the reason for the international Ice Patrol? The sinking of the TITANIC
What is the amount of a micro purchase request? $3,000 for supplies and $2,500 for services.
What does not have a format? SOP's do not have formats, INST: Remain in effect until cancelled by originator or higher authority and are reviewed by originators every four years. Manuals: reviewed annually cancelled when not applicable. Note: automatically cancelled after 12 months
What chit is required for a man working above deck of a ship? Man aloft chit
What are the Headquarters units? 35
What are Head quarters units? 35 units report directly to HQ, all TRACENS, finance, CG INST, NPFC, R&D in Groton, CT, PSC, CG yard, Ops systems center, Telecommun and Info systems cmd.
Which award is a one page summary needed for? Meritorious Service Award
What form is an award requested on? CG 1650
Who asigned the first cutters in 1790? Alexander Hamilton
Members applying to CG Academy must be between the ages of 18-22
Must counsel member within how many days after the marking period ends? 30 days
Reserve members on Inactive reserve cannot ? Train for pay or retirement points, are not eligible for promotion, and do not accrue credit for qualifying years of service. They can be called to service in a time of war.
Member to receive Medal of honor for actions in the civil war? Marcus Hanna
What is not on a PDE? leave balance, Class "C" schools
How long can EMI be administered? No longer than 2 hrs or less per day and only to correct the performance.
How many steps are used for the ORM process? 7 steps
What is the only manned lighthouse currently in the US? Boston Harbor
Credited with saving 600 lives and awarded 2 gold lifesaving medals? Joshua James
Retired after 44 years of service spanning 35 cutters? Donald Horsely
Interpersonal relationship are prohibited for cutters with how many people? ALL Cutters
When couseling a member on alcohol abuse you should not do what? Judge
Awards recommendation should be submitted on what? CG 1650
first shot of the civil war? Harriot Lane
Non resident courses are what? Self paced
EMI can not last for more than ___ Hours? 2
Who can authorize the place of purchase when submitting a procurement request? XO
Addiction and prevention specialist cannot be assinged what? CDAR duties
What program allows you to attend college full time for two years? PPEP
Who was the first Chiefs journalist in the USCG? Alex Haley
OCS Applicants must be between 21 and ___ years of age. 26
In what year did the CG create the National Strike force to combat Oil? 1972
The leadership competancy "alining values" is part of what leadership category? Leading self
CG cutters 180' ft and smaller are under the command of their District Office
CG cutters 180'feet and over are under the command of Area Commands
During the Mexican-American war the CG's amphibious operations included Blockaiding Harbors and Conducting River Expeditions
Around 1848, the OIC's on the New Jersey and Long Island coast coast were called Wreckmasters
A list of signnificant achievements or aspects of performence midway during the marking period and not later than ____ days before the end of the marking period. 14
Upon completion of the employee review, the supervisor must, counsel the evaluee on the employee review after the Approving official has completed his or her actions not later than __ days following the employee review ending date 30
A special employee review is required, regardless of the time since the last employee review, on the date a member is: Awarded non-judicial punishment (NJP) orConvicted by a C
CG cutters 180' ft and smaller are under the command of their District Office
CG cutters 180'feet and over are under the command of Area Commands
During the Mexican-American war the CG's amphibious operations included Blockaiding Harbors and Conducting River Expeditions
Around 1848, the OIC's on the New Jersey and Long Island coast coast were called Wreckmasters
A list of signnificant achievements or aspects of performence midway during the marking period and not later than ____ days before the end of the marking period. 14
Upon completion of the employee review, the supervisor must, counsel the evaluee on the employee review after the Approving official has completed his or her actions not later than __ days following the employee review ending date 30
A special employee review is required, regardless of the time since the last employee review, on the date a member is: Awarded non-judicial punishment (NJP) orConvicted by a Court Marshall (CM)
Cutters under 180 feet in length fall under the control of what command? DISTRICT. Cutters OVER 180 feet in length fall under Area Commands
How many CG units in the field report directly to Headquarters? 35 Such as the CG Academy, the CG Yard and the CG Training Center Petaluma
During which war did cutters capture 18 prizes unaided and assisted in the capture of two others? The Quasi-American War
The CGC Jefferson captured the first prize of the War of 1812? True
During the Mexican-American War, the CG performed scouting, convoy and towing duties as well as? A. Blockading harbors B. Transporting troops and supplies C. Conducting river expeditions D. All of the above D. All of the Above The CG amphibious operations included performing scouting, convoy and towing duties, blockading harbors, transporting troops and supplies, executing forays up the Alvarado and Tabasco Rivers, conducting river expeditions.
During which war was the CGC Harriet Lane credited with firing the first shot at Fort Sumter in 1861? The Civil War
During the Civil War CG cutters in the Navy’s service performed blockade duty along the Atlantic Coast, Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River. True
During which war did the CG patrol the waters off of North Carolina to the Gulf of Mexico? The Spanish American War. On May 11, 1898 in Cardenas Bay Cuba, the cutter Hudson and USS Winslow were engaged in battle with Spanish gunboats. Hudson rescued the craft Ensign Bailey while under enemy fire.
The first time the entire Coast Guard was transferred to the Navy was during WWII. FALSE The first time the entire Coast Guard was transferred to the Navy was during WWII.
When was the CG given responsibility for cold weather operations in Greenland? April 9, 1941
During WWII the CG operations included which of the following? A. Submarine Patrol B. Escort Service C. Transport Duty D. All of the above D. All of the Above. As well as Search and Rescue, Water and Shore Patrol, port security, maintaining Aids to Navigation, supervising the movement of dangerous cargos, controlling merchant traffic, and breaking ice to allow ship passage.
IN 1965 twenty-six 82 foot CG cutters were repainted grey and deployed to Vietnam for Operation Market Time. True. These white cutters were repainted to avoid being made easy targets in the moonlight or by flare light.
On August 22, 1990 how many reservists were called to active duty in support of Operation Desert Shield? 950
Which CGC rescued 538 migrants on November 24, 1995 from a grossly overloaded 75 foot coastal freighter? CGC Dauntless
A community leader was put in charge of a station and organized his volunteer crew was called a what? Wreckmaster
The purchase of what in 1867 greatly expanded the Coast Guard’s environmental responsibilities? Alaska On May 11, 1908 revenue cutters were given authority to enforce all Alaskan game laws.
In 1973 how many National Strike Forces were created to combat oil spills? 03 Pacific (near San Fransisco) Gulf (Mobile, AL) Atlantic (Elizabeth, NC)
Pacific (near San Fransisco) Gulf (Mobile, AL) Atlantic (Elizabeth, NC) True Slavery was a tumultuous social issue in the first half of the 19th Century.
In what year was the Revenue Cutter Service tasked with maintaining the International Ice Patrol due to the sinking of the Titanic? Feb 7, 1914
The only Coast Guard manned light house station in the U.S. today is located where? Boston Harbor
Ida Lewis served 39 years at what lighthouse saving 18 lives? Lime Rock Light House
Title 14 of the U.S. Code cites that the Coast Guard is what type of service? Military Service
How many units is the CG Auxiliary divided into? 4
When was the Coast Guard officially transferred to the Department of Homeland Security? February 25, 2003
To help rescue immigrants from vessels ravished by winter storms, a Federal lifesaving service was initiated in: 1848
In 1918 twin sisters Genevieve and Lucille Baker became the first uniformed women to serve in the Coast Guard. TRUE
YNMC Faurie became first SPAR E9 in 1962. True
When was BMC Calhoun instated at the first MCPOC? 1969
In 1980 Women were integrated into active duty and into the Coast Guard Reserve. False. Women were integrated into active duty and CG Reserve in 1973.
Marcus A. Hanna was awarded the Medal of Honor while serving in the Union Army during the Civil War. True. Hanna served at the Cape Elizabeth Light Station near Portland, ME.
Who was a two time winner of the Gold Lifesaving Medal and earned their second award while serving as a keeper in the Lighthouse Service? Frederick Hatch
Who was credited with saving 600 lives, earned two gold medals and three silver medals? Joshua James. Joshua James most famous rescue, for which he received one of his Gold Lifesaving medals, took place in November 1888. James and his crew saved 29 people from five different vessels during one of the worst storms to hit Hull, MA.
Who was the official keeper of Lime Rock Light Station? Ida Lewis The society of the American Cross of Honor bestowed upon her the title, the Bravest Woman in America. The first of the recently built keeper class coastal buoy tenders was named Ida Lewis.
Douglas A. Munro was awarded with the Medal of Honor for his extraordinary heroism on September 27, 1942 at Normandy. False. Douglas Munro was awarded the Meal of Honor at Point Cruz, Guadalcanal.
Who was awarded the Navy Cross Medal? Best, Russell, and Evans Best and Russell were crewman of the CGC Seneca during WWI. Evans was awarded for his actions at the Matanikau River, Guadalcanal.
William L. Boyce was awarded the Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal for his service in which war? WWI William L. Boyce was a member of the crew of the CGC Seneca during WWI.
Who was a recipient of the Silver Star Medal? Benjamin F. Harrison, Willis Goff, and Larry Villareal Benjamin F. Harrison was a crewmember of the CGC Campbell, PO Goff and PO Villarreal for rescuing a nine man Army of Vietnam detachment trapped by two Vietcong platoons.
The Legion of Merit Medal was awarded to Surfman John A. Cullen for discovering and reporting the first landing of German saboteurs on the U.S. Coast on June 13, 1942. True
Which Statement is not Correct? SA Flores was aboard the CGC Blackthorn when he received the CG Medal. MK1 Sexton was awarded the Coast Guard Medal The Bronze Star was awarded to BMC Patterson The Silver Star Medal is the highest decoration. The Silver Star is not the highest decoration. The Medal of Honor is the highest U.S. military decoration awarded to a serviceman for distinct gallantry and courage at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of duty.
What pay-grade must an applicant to CWO be, and how long must they have been enlisted? E6, 8 years Member must be in a pay grade E-6 or above; must be a member of the Coast Guard or coast Guard Reserve with at least eight years total active service in the U.S. Armed Forces, with the last 4 years with the Coast Guard.
When does the CWO board convene? January 1st Applicant minimum eligibility requirements for appointment to CWO must be completed by January 1st of the year in which the CWO Appointment board convenes.
What age must you be to apply to OCS? 21-28. Applicants must be on active duty in the Coast Guard.
What are the age requirements to qualify for the PPEP, Pre-Commissioning Program? 21-32. Applicants must be between 21 and not yet 32 years of age prior to their OCS class convening date.
Applicants to the CG Academy may be married and have up to two dependent children False. Applicants must be unmarried and have no dependents.
Aviation services are provided to approximately how many aviators? 800. The enlisted workforce is approximately 2,500.
What are the age requirements to participate in the SELRES Direct Commission Program? 21-36
A supervisor who is a first class petty officer, designated as the XPO, does not have to be one pay grade senior to the evaluee. True
When should an evaluee submit bullets for their marks? Midway through marking period and 14 days before the end of the marking period.
The supervisor must route the completed employee review to the Marking Official no later than ___ days prior to the period ending date? 9
The members supervisor must counsel the evaluee ___ days following the employee review period ending date? 30
When are E7’s evaluated? September
A regular employee review is required, regardless of the time since the last employee review, on the date a member is awarded NJP or convicted by a Court Martial. False. A Special employee review is required
What are techniques for effective stress management? Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night Refrain from smoking Exercise with an elevated hear rate for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week
Changing your commuting pattern can reduce stress. True.
Suicide is not preventable False. Suicide is a needless and preventable cause of death
The CG Enlisted Education Grant program is for active duty personnel is what pay-grades with how many years of CG service? E3-E9, 2 years The program provides grants up to $350 per member per year to help pay for TA, Assessment fees, Application Fees, admin fees and book costs.
A Report of Survey is not required on property loss, damaged, or destroyed under what value? $500.00 A Report of Survey is prepared on a CG-5269. A Report of Survey is also required for losses that occur during an operational mission and are not recoverable.
Discrepancies in Direct Access training records should be reported to? SPO
Requests to attend “C” school training must be submitted via a Short-Term Training Request (STTR) or a Electronic Training Request (ETR). True ETR cannot be submitted under self-service functions in DA.
What must be on a PR for it to be valid? Be numbered properly Contain appropriation and accounting data Have a valid signature
The _______ is the written determination to restrict competition. JOTFOC
PR’s for construction requests are limited to _____? $2000.00
The PR limit value for ordering supplies and services is ______? $2500.00 A micro purchase is the acquisition of supplies/services for $2500.00 or less. If the total of all supplies or services is more than $2500.00, 3 price quotes are needed.
What is not reflected on your PDE? Leave balance
Examples of permit-required spaces on cutters include: Fuel tanks Cofferdams CHT storage tanks Also, double bottoms and ballast tanks are permit-required confined spaces.
Aircraft confined spaces include Wing tanks and center tanks Fuel cells APO spaces
While working over the side of a cutter, only electric tools should be used. False. Only pneumatic tools should be used
What are some non-verbal gestures to avoid? Keeping your hands in your pockets
Written communication that is permanent, exceeds 25 pages and must be reviewed annually is called a _________. Manual
Written communication that contains one-time or brief information, automatically cancelled after 12 months. Notice
There are 3 types of messages used in CGMS. False. There are 2 types, Unclassified and Classified. There are 3 categories of classified messages: Top secret, secret and confidential.
The 3 categories of leadership are self, working with others and __________? Performance. The CG identifies 21 competencies within the categories of self, working with others and performance.
EMI may be used as a substitute for Non-Judicial Punishment. False EMI is not to be used as a substitute for NJP. It is intended for the correction of members deficiency.
To perform probable cause searches, a Petty Officer must be performing which of the following? Military police Guard Shore patrol
How many types of administrative remarks may be entered on CG-3307’s? 7. Accession Assignment/transfer Advancement/reduction Performance/discipline- 33 types Separation SRB SELRES Enlisted Bonus Programs
What is the TIS (time in service) requirement to advance from E5 to E6? 12 months
What form is used for an award recommendation? CG- 1650
Members will be processed for separation who have 3 alcohol incidents. True.
How often must Drug and alcohol training be provided at your unit? Annually
Sexual Harassment training must be given how often? Once a year
Romantic Relationships are unacceptable when members are assigned to the same small shore unit with less than ___ members. 60
Commanding Officers are responsible for establishing a Human Relations Council if the unit has ___ members? 25 Human Relations Awareness training must be held at least triennially.
SELRES members are generally authorized ___ days of IDT and _____ days of ADT. 48, 12
Reserve members who have completed the requisite qualifying years creditable for non-regular retired pay and not yet 60 years of age, or are age 60 an have not applied for non-regular retirement pay is in a _____status. RET-2
Publications are listed in the DPRI______. Alphabetically and Numerically
To ensure effective hazard identification, you need to consider what factors? Equipment Environment Personnel
SPE stands for Severity, Probability, Exposure. True
GAR stands for Green, Amber, Red. True.
To qualify as a reportable mishap the event must involve what? CG military members injured or killed, Reserve members injured, CG civilians injured while performing CG related work, Aux. injured on orders, visitors harmed by official CG operations, civilian contractors, CG members get sick while exposed at work.
Civilian contractors at other than CG facilities, injured while working on CG equipment, when it does not have a crew in attendance is a non-reportable event. True
Class A mishaps have reportable property damage _____ or greater. $1,000,000.00
When five or more personnel are hospitalized, what type of mishap would it be? Class B Class B mishaps also have a cost of reportable property damage of $200,000 to $1,000,000.00
Class C mishaps property damage is less than _____? $200.000.00 The cost of property damage is $10,000 or more but less than $200,000.
Class A and B mishap boards are appointed by whom? Commandant (G-KSE)
This information must be included on all correspondence in the Coast Guard because it serves as the file number. SSIC
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