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PD Midterm

All lessons thru 10/12/21

What age range is Gen Z 7-22
What age range are Millenials 23-38
What age range are Boomers 55-73
What age range is Gen X 39-54
What age range is the Silent Generation 74-91
What is a type 1 error Reject null hypothesis
What is a type 2 error Fail to reject null hypothesis
Where is a protocept developed In lab
Where is a prototype developed At pilot plant
What are 3 factors affecting concept execution Target Consumer , Flavor/Texture , Brand , Behavior , Packaging
What are the 6 reasons for reformulation Raw material unavailable , challenge in market , improved stability , enhanced functionality , refined texture , value added product (highly desireable)
What are 3 categories of new products with regard to degree of newness 1. product in market but not by company 2. product introduced to new market 3. Brand
Fuller's 6 categories of new products 1. line extension 2. "Me too" 3. repositioned existing product 4. reformulation of existing product 5. new packaging 6. Innovative product
What is the 2nd step of the product development? Research an Development
What is the 1st step of product development? Ideation and screening
What is the 3rd step of product development? Marketing strategy / evaluations / testing
What are the steps to the product development process 1. Ideation and screening 2. R&D 3. Marketing strategy/ evaluations/ testing
What is a multiple function ingredient 1 ingredient does multiple things to keep product stable and clean , could provide different functions at different steps
Why is there an increased focus on new food product development? (4) 1. changes in retail environment 2. intense competition 3. shorter product life cycles 4. science and technology
Which is technically feasible? Prototype
What is the difference between and idea and a concept an idea is an articulation of a product while a concept is a solution (technology pathway) for solving the potential problem
What is the break-even point costs vs. volume of sales that is required to make a profit
What is the difference between a gap in the market and a gap in product space a market gap is in the industry as a whole (ex. Walmart) while a product space gap is in a specific product (Elderberry juices)
What is a cross-functional team A team including multiple specialists with varying talents coming together to make one product
When should evaluation occur After each stage
What are the stages of new product development (7) 1. Market opportunity 2. idea 3. concept 4. protocept/prototype 5. R&D 6. market test 7. Launch
Define protocept Product developed in the lab to meet promises of product concept
Define prototype Technically feasible , outcome of a protocept that is done in a pilot plant
What is included in a product assessment Evaluation of quality attributes , safety assessment , shelf-life , regulation compliance , determination of acceptable variance
Define formula recipe , prescription
Define least - cost functionality Better able to optimize their operating margins by increasing revenues and reducing costs
What's the best way to approach planning the development process Using a carefully planned experimental design
What is the role of eggs in a baked product Emulsify , aerate , gelling , texture , coating , moisture , color , fat content , binder , structure
Draw out strategic management in relation to product development execution 1. good management + good execution = success 2. poor management + good execution = hit or miss 3. poor management + poor execution = fail 4. good management + poor execution = fail
How does product development add value (4) +1 if you can give examples 1. growth (line extensions, new products) 2. productivity (reduce costs) 3. quality improvement (leverageble competitive advantages) 4. brand maintenance (conformance, regulatory, environmental, specifications)
Describe the phases in consumer product development company objectives + consumer needs > ideas > feasibility studies + consumer research + financial review > development + production + consumer trends + test market
Describe the gates of the stage-gating process 1. Establish product 2. Commit major resources 3. Approval for launch
What is the 1st gate of the stage-gate process Establish product , ideas , concept development
What is the 2nd stage of the stage-gate process Commit major resources , determine feasibility
What is the 3rd gate of the stage-gate process Protocept and prototype , approval for launch
Who is the best judge of attributes such as flavor, texture, color The consumer
What are the steps to conduct a focus group (6) 1. select a moderator 2. develop a screener 3. determine makeup of a group 4. recruit participants 5. write discussion guide 6. schedule facility
Draw out matrix that helps classify projects x-axis : market growth (value of given success) y-axis: market share (probability of success) Low share + low growth = drains low share + high growth = dilutions high share + high growth = drives high share + low growth = distractions
What are the 2 tools to help a team keep focused on the consumer 1. Consumer-centric marketing framework 2. Method to develop consumer profiles
Describe the consumer-centric marketing framework (4 steps) 1. Why wouldnt consumers buy the food 2. Why would consumers buy the food 3. Who is my ideal consumer 4. What is the marketing mix for the new food product
What are the 4 P's of marketing 1. Product characteristics, innovations 2. Pricing 3. Promotions 4. Place : where product is sols, what type of store, what will it be used for
What are the 7 P's of marketing 1. Product 2. Pricing 3. Place 4. Promos 5. People 6. Process 7. Physical Evidence
How are carotenoids affected by oxygen 1. Get oxidized and lose color 2. Loses nutritional value
Where do new products fail Any time
Why do new products fail People
What are technical reasons products fail physical effects (thermal, mechanical) chemical and enzymatic reactions (interactions among ingredients) Microbiological activity (spoilage) Sensory Problems (taste, odor, texture, color) Packaging System Problems (physical and barrier problems)
Define shelf-life *the amount of time* that a food is *considered acceptable* for consumption when *stored at the appropriate storage conditions*
What are the 3 points of shelf-life Quality , safety , nutritional value
What does shelf-life measure over a specified time interval Chemical, microbiological, and physical changes
What are the 3 methods of shelf-life testing 1. Static tests 2. Accelerated tests 3. Use/abuse tests
What is a static test Real-time shelf-life Product is stored under given set of environmental condition for entirety of shelf-life
What are accelerated tests Put product under a range of environmental variables (usually temperature)
What is use/abuse testing Cycle product through environmental variables (freeze-thaw)
What is a con of use/abuse testing Time consuming and tedious
What is Q10 value Shelf-life at temperature T / Shelf life at T + 10 degrees
What is a good candidate for accelerated shelf life Shelf stable, frozen products with shelf life of 6 months
Created by: chynnagross
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