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PHS Ch 6

Career Skills in Therapeutic Services

clinical training term that describes hands-on work with patients that students do under the supervision of a licensed healthcare provider.
collaborate to work together; to consult with each other.
cover letter a message sent with a résumé to introduce the job applicant and give the reasons he or she is applying for a particular job; also called a letter of application.
delegate to direct another healthcare worker to perform a care task that is within that worker’s training and experience and within the scope of practice of the licensed provider giving the direction
empathy the ability to identify with another person’s feelings and thoughts.
interview etiquette accepted appearance and behavior for the interview process.
multidisciplinary healthcare team a group of healthcare workers from different healthcare specialties, each providing specific services to the patient.
personal protective equipment (PPE) equipment such as gloves, masks, gowns, respirators, and eyewear worn to protect skin, clothing, and the respiratory tract from infectious agents.
postgraduate term that describes education and training completed after receiving a bachelor’s degree.
range of motion (ROM) the full extent of movement for a joint.
residents (1) individuals living in long-term care facilities; (2) medical school graduates who are completing the last portion of their medical training before becoming licensed physicians.
standard precautions steps that a healthcare worker takes with all patients to prevent the spread of infection.
tact the ability to communicate difficult or embarrassing information without giving offense.
technical training education lasting two years or less and leading to an industry certificate, a technical diploma, or an associate’s degree.
therapeutic term that describes treatment given to maintain or restore health.
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