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Geography Ch 8 & 9

South America Terms to Know

basin low area surrounded by higher land
selvas thick rain forests
escarpment steep cliff between higher and lower land
favelas slum areas
deforestation destroying of large areas of forest
pampas vast treeless plains in the center of Argentina
estancias ranches
gauchos cowhands
hydroelectric power electricity that is generated by flowing waters
llanos grass plains in Venezuela
altitude height above sea level
caudillos military rulers
cordillera mountain ranges that run side by side
cash crop product sold for export
mestizos people with mixed European and Native American backgrounds
campesinos Columbian farmers
navigable a body of water is wide and deep enough to allow ships to travel in it
foothills low hills at the base of a mountain range
empire a group of lands under one ruler
landlocked a country that has no sea or ocean touching it
altiplano a high plateau in western Bolivia
sodium nitrate a mineral used in fertilizer and explosives
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