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Rain Weather Cycle

What are the 3 forms that water on the Earth is found as? Solid, Liquid, & Gas
What are the 3 areas where water flows from? Rivers, Streams, & Oceans
What are the 3 developmental ways that water is processed in the Earth? Evaporation, Condensation, & Precipitation
What plays a major role in the development of the water cycle? The Sun’s Energy
What is all the water that is on Earth known as? The hydrosphere
What is the largest hydrosphere that is located on Earth? The Pacific Ocean
What are known as storage water areas on Earth? Reservoirs
What types water are located on Earth? Fresh water & Salt water
In what type of water are high salt concentrations found? Oceans
What is the temperature of the “Equator” ocean on the Earth? 30 Degree Celsius
What is the temperature of the North and South Pole oceans on the Earth? -2 Degree Celsius
What are the names of the 3 areas where the warm ocean areas flow on the Earth? Gulf Stream, Caribbean Sea, & North Atlantic Ocean
What currents rotate cold waters with warm waters in the ocean? The California Currents
What is known as the atmosphere in a particular climate? Weather
What is the temperature weather patterns in that particular area? Climate
What are 6 examples that effect weather conditions? Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Pressure, Moisture, & Amount of Rain or Snow
What are weather scientist called that predication future weather forecast? Meteorologist
Gravity pulls or pushing air pressure forces in the Earth, what is this called? Barometric pressure
What have been known to effect weather & its patterns in an area? Air temperatures
What is the cause of differences in air pressure Wind movement
What affect in weather will flow the direction of air in that area? Wind Speed
What are the 2 objects that create rain or snow in the clouds? Ice crystals and water droplets
What are the 4 types of precipitation in the Earth’s weather? Rain, Sleet, Hail, & Snow
What are causes that have been discovered in many land and ocean areas around the world which are responsible for human actions? Pollution
What are the 4 types of the pollution problems that people created in environments? Plastics, Waste water products, Factory trash, & Other forms of waste products
Where have humans been known to cause disturbances with pollution? Land, Water, & Air
What type of disturbances have been cause by humans in in rivers, lakes, or oceans? Excessive drilling, Excessive dumping, & Illegal dumping of waste
What is the definition to conservation? An attempt to preserve or protect an environment from harmful changes
What are the 4 issues that plants or animals have that cause them to die in a new environment? Different temperatures, Food sources, Predators, and water contents
Created by: vacosta
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