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Wolohon Mod 8 test

Another name for a blood clot THROMBUS
What is an embolus? Foreign object of gas or air, tissue or tumor circulating in bloodstream until it gets lodged.
What is the least common blood type AB
Which organ releases Prothrombin and Fibrinogen The LIVER
The condition when White blood cells (WBC) are abnormally low Leukopenia
Neutrophil, Eosionophil, Basophil, Leukophil -Which one is not really a granulocyte? Leukophil
What is the universal recipient blood type? AB
What is the condition of excessively high bilirubin called? Jaundice
What is the condition called where there are inadequate number of red blood cells (RBC) Anemia
The scientific study of blood? Hematology
Normal number of hemoglobin (iron rich blood) for men? 13 - 18
Normal number of hemoglobin (iron rich blood) for women 12 - 16
A person with RBC protein antigen are called.. Rh positive
When one's blood fails to clot HEMOPHILIA
What's the name of the test for counting the percentage % of immature RBC in a blood sample? Reticulocyte Count
The normal erythrocyte (red blood cell) count for an adult male is? 4.6 - 6.2 MILLION
A condition where RBC are large and fragil due to a lack of B12 in the diet . Pernicious Anemia
Who's job is it to pump blood through the body? The HEART!
Oxygenated blood in the arteries is what color? Bright RED
Excessive production of immature white blood cells (WBC) is called? Leukemia
What is the constitution of blood? 78% water and 22% solids
RBC can be destroyed by mechanical means True or False? True
Nomal pH in blood? 7.35 - 7.45
What blood type is the universal donor O
The liquid part of blood Blood plasma
The SP or Specific Gravity of blood is approx....... 1.105 - to -1.165
How many of us have the Rh factor? 85%
What does the spleen produce? Leukocytes and monocytes
Where are Neutrophils, Eosionophils and Basophils formed? In the Red bone marrow
What are the major sub-systems of the circulatory system Blood and Lymphatic
What initiates blood clotting? THROMBOCYTES
How many cubic centimeters of blood does the normal adult body contain (approximately) 5000 to 5500 cc (cubic centimers)
How much RBC is in the plasma is called Hematocrit
Another name for RBC (red blood cells) ERYTHROCYTES
These are colorless and irregularly shaped White blood cells
What does blood kinda taste like? Salty and metallic
Blod cells are stored and filtered. where? Spleen
Oxygen, Cardon Dioxide Food and Water are transported by? The circulatory system
Created by: twolohon