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Wolohon Mod 11 test

Wolohon Mod 11 Test

External Respiration is called... Breathing
Excessive secretion of pleural fluid Pleural effusion
What's another name for nostrils? Anerior NARES
Abnormal, deep rapid breathing pattern. Cheyne-Stokes
Medical term for 'windpipe" Trachea
Is is true that your two lungs rest side by side and extend from your diaphragm to the point just above your clavicle and lies against your ribs at the front and back? Yes.
What do you call air that remains in your lungs after exhaling.. Residual air
Acute, bacterial inflammed infection of the lungs? Pneumonia
Normal breath rate 14 to 20 (breaths per minute)
This is a passageway for food and air Pharynx (throat)
Breathing is controlled by the medulla oblongata and the pons of the brainstem? TRUE
Whats the name of the notch in the lung where the bronchus enter? Hilus
What's the name of the notch in the Left lung where the heart lies Cardiac notch
The pharynx is divided into three parts, name them... NASOpharynx , OROpharynx, LARYNGOpharynx
The trachea is composed of rings called.... Hyaline cartilage
The first portion of the pharynx is called NASOpharynx because it lies near what? The NOSE
Your trachea is about 4.5 inches long, smooth muscle and lined with mucous membrane, right? RIGHT!
What's another name for Adam's apple? Thyroid cartilage
Various muscles cartilage and __________move the larynx (voicebox) LIGAMENTS
The top of the lung is called the? APEX
High concentrations of Carbon Dioxide in the blood __________respirations INCREASES
Decreased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the blood ________respirations. SLOWS
How much air is acutally inhaled or exhaled in normal breathing? 500 cubic centimeters
Inadequate oxygen reaching the cells is called? Hypoxia
What are Bronchi? Large air passages in the lungs
What causes good lungs to go bad? Dust, Pollution and Smoke
What are the little grape like clusters inside the lungs called? Alveolar sacs
When you turn BLUE resulting from lack of sufficient oxygen CYANOSIS
Difficulty breathing, bronchi constriction, you may need an inhaler... ASTHMA
Fluid accumulation in lung tissue Pulmonary Edema
Created by: twolohon