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Nightingale Anatomy

Week 1-5 Content

The knee is ________ to the foot. Proximal
As an anatomical region, lumbar refers to the infero-medial aspect of the back
Regarding directional terms, superior means toward the head
A frontal plane is the same as a ________ plane. coronal
_____ refers to an inner region of an organ, whereas _____ refers to an outer region or layer of an organ. Medullary; cortical
The dorsal body cavity is subdivided into a _____cavity and a _____ cavity. cranial;spinal
An example of a tissue in the body is epithelium
The body as a whole can be subdivided into two major divisions. They are axial and appendicular
The gluteal region is ________ to the popliteal region. superior
Another name for the midsagittal plane is median
Which branch of anatomy studies the structural changes that occur as one ages? developmental anatomy
The water molecule has two distinct ends, each with a partial electrical charge. Because of this structure, water is said to be polar
An atom can be described as chemically inert if its outermost electron shell contains _____ electrons. eight
A substance that cannot be broken down or decomposed into two or more different substances is called a(n) element
Electrolytes are: called cations if they have a positive charge
The atomic number tells you the number of protons in the nucleus
The element oxygen has an atomic number of 8, which means it contains: eight protons
A molecule that is polar: can form a hydrogen bond; has an unequal charge
Which type of chemical reaction results in the breakdown of a complex substance into two or more simpler substances? decomposition reaction
A force holding two atoms together is a(n) chemical bond
Atoms with fewer than eight electrons in the outer energy level will attempt to lose, gain, or share electrons with other atoms to achieve stability. This tendency is called the octet rule
Ionic bonds are chemical bonds formed by the: transfer of electrons from one atom to another
Chemical bonds formed by the sharing of electrons are called: covalent
The reaction between hydrogen and oxygen needed to form water is an example of a: synthesis reaction
A chemical bond formed by the sharing of one or more pairs of electrons between the outer shells of two atoms is called a(n) _____ bond. ionic
As the concentration of hydrogen ions increases, the pH goes _____, and the solution becomes more _____. down; acidic
Hydrogen bonds result from unequal charge distribution on a molecule. Such molecules are said to be polar
As a result of which reaction during catabolism is a water molecule added to break a larger compound into smaller subunits? hydrolysis
Acids release hydrogen ions.
This membranous organelle contains oxidase and catalase enzymes. peroxisome
Phospholipids of the plasma membrane are arranged as a bilayer with their nonpolar tails sandwiched between the polar heads
This organelle is characterized by folded membranes called cristae. mitochondria
This organelle is numerous in liver and kidney cells. peroxisome
Which of the following cytoskeleton elements are the largest in diameter? microtubules
This membranous organelle is the site of protein synthesis for proteins that are secreted by the cell. rough endoplasmic reticulum
This organelle is primarily a sac of powerful digestive enzymes called acid hydrolases. lysosome
In the matrix of the plasma membrane, a variety of proteins are embedded. Some of these proteins serve as passageway for Na+ ions or glucose. These proteins are called transport proteins
Which type of junction is formed when membrane channels of adjacent plasma membranes adhere to each other? gap junction
Which area of the cytoplasm near the nucleus coordinates the building and breaking of microtubules in the cell? centrosome
The muscle that helps hold the scapula against the thorax and is useful in pushing or punching movements is the serratus anterior
The term _____ is used to describe a muscle that directly performs a specific movement. agonist
In addition to the Pectoralis major, another muscle that displays this pattern of fascicle arrangement is Latissimus dorsi. convergent
The long axes of the fascicles run parallel to the long axis of the muscle is a description of this type of fascicle arrangement. parallel
An example of a muscle with this type of fascicle arrangement is the orbicularis oris. circular
The continuous low level of sustained contraction maintained by all skeletal muscles is muscle tone
The biceps brachii has this fascicle arrangement, which maximizes the range of motion possible. parallel
The innermost muscle of the abdominal wall is the transverse abdominis
The muscle fascicle arrangement for Orbicularis oris is best characterized as circular
Muscles that move the wrist, hand, and fingers can be extrinsic or intrinsic
The fibrous connective tissue that surrounds the entire muscle and is outside the epimysium and tendon is called the The fibrous connective tissue that surrounds the entire muscle and is outside the epimysium and tendon is called the
The point of attachment that does not move when the muscle contracts is the origin
The individual muscle fibers are covered by a connective tissue membrane called the endomysium
A muscle with fascicles that insert into the tendon from both sidesis categorized as bipennate
Created by: Spencer_Ramos
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