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Professional Knowledge in Health Informatics

advance directive a legal document prepared by a patient before a health crisis occurs to guide healthcare decisions in situations when the patient is unable to speak for himself or herself.
civil law the branch of law that establishes rules for business relationships between people or between individuals and businesses.
contract a legally binding agreement between two or more people or agencies.
criminal law the branch of law that aims to protect individuals and society by defining certain actions as crimes, or offenses against society.
ethical a term used to describe an action that fits with someone's personal morals or professional rules of conduct.
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) a federal law that makes it easier to obtain healthcare coverage and protects personal health information.
legal disability a condition that results in a person being unable to enter a contract, such as being under the age of consent, being ruled mentally incompetent, or having an altered mental state due to drugs or semi-consciousness.
managed care a system that limits access to and use of healthcare to control costs.
protected health information (PHI) all individually identifiable personal information obtained through healthcare.
registration placement on an official list, or registry, of qualified workers.
system an organized structure composed of many parts that work together and depend on each other to carry out a set of functions
tort an action that harms another person's body or property or takes away his or her freedom of action in some way.
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