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Plants and Ecology:{

Plants and ecology test info

what is ecology? the study of interactions that occur among organisms and their environment.
What are consumers? organisms that cant make thier own energy rich molecules
what are food chains? a simple model of the feeding relationships in an ecosystem
What is symbiosis? any close relationship betwee species
What is mutualism? a symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit
What is commensalism? a symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits and the other isnt affected
What is parasitism? a symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits but the other is harmed
Whats a niche? an organsims role in its environment
Whats prey? organism thats captured by the predator
Whats a predator? consumer that capture and eat other consumers
What are producers? organisms that use an outside energy source like the un to make energy rich molecules
What are limiting factors? anything that restricts the number of incividuals in a population
What is population density? the number of individuals of one species per a specific area
Whats exponential growth? the larger a population gets the faster it grows
whats competition? When organisms compete for resources
Whats chemosynthesis? the production of energy rich nutrient molecules from chemicals
Whats a community? all populations in a certain area
whats a population? same species in a certain location
Whats a biosphere? part of earth that supports life
Whats a habitat? place where an organism lives
Whats an ecosystem? all communties living in an area and the abiotic things around it
Whats biotic potential? the highest rate of reproduction under ideal conditions
Whats a carrying capacity? the largest number of individuals of one species that an ecosystem can support over time
Whats an energy pyramid? a model that shows the amount of energy available at each feeding level in an ecosystem
Whats a food web? a model that shows all the possible feeding relationships among the organsims in a community( all food chains togethr)
Whats the importance of plants? they provide food for consumers, give off oxygen, pollination
Where does photosynthesis take place? chloroplast
What is the equation for photosynthesis? light energy+water+carbon dioxide-> oxygen + glucose
Where does cellular respiration take place? mitochondria
What is the equation for cellular respiration? oxygen+glucose-> energy+carbon dioxide
How do seedless plants reproduce? using spores
How do seed plants reproduce? w/ seeds
What is a stigma? where pollen grains land
Whats a pistol the female reproductive organ, that includes:stigma,style,ovule and ovulary
Whats the style? long stock to ovulary
What is an ovulary? swollen base of pistol, after fertilization it becomes fruit
whats an ovule? where the egs are produced and after fertilization it becomes a seed
Whats a sepal? small leaflike parts that protects the unbloomed flower
Whats a petal? most colorful part that attracts insects
Whats the filament? holds the anther up
Whats the anther? part that produces pollen
Whats the stamen? male reproductive organ, that includes:anther, filament
What are the 2 types of plants? vascular and nonvascular
What do vascular plants do? grow upward
What do nonvascular plants do? dont grow upward
What is a ex. of seedless vascular plants? ferns
What is an example of seedless nonvascular plants? mosses
What are the 2 types of nonvascular seedplants? angiosperm and gymnosperm(naked)
What are some characteristics of gymnosperms? no fruit, dont loose all leaves
What are some characteristics of angiosperms? usually flowers, produce fruit
What is the process of pollination? flower produces pollen in anther, anther goes to another flower's stigma, the pollen goes down the style into the ovulary and ovule, fertilizes eggs and produce seeds and fruit
What are some places where life can be found? deserts, arctic, coral reefs, rainforests
What are the 2 types of competiton? between animals or between different populations. they can be over food or space
What are the factors that influence pop. size? deathrates, birthrates, animals moving from place to place, limiting factors
How do birthrates and deathrates influence pop. size? higher birthrate than deathrate= pop. larger and higher deathrate then birthrate= pop. smaller , equal birthrate and deathrate= pop.stays same
What makes up an organisms niche? how it obtans food and shelter, how it finds a mate, how they care for the young and how it avoids danger by adapting to improve survival
Whats photosynthesis? when producers convert light energy into chemical energy in sugar molecules
What do organisms use to go through chemosynthesis? bacteria from hydrothermal vents
what are the levels in the energy pyramid from bottom to top? producers, herbivores and carnivores
How much energy is available at each level of the energy pyramid? most energy,most organisms to less energy, less organisms
What is a similarity between food chains and energy pyramids? they both show energy flow
Whats a similarity between food chains and food webs? both show feeding relationships
What is a difference between energy pyramids, food webs and food chains? energy pyramids dont show feeding relationships
What is the similarity between food chains and food webs? both show energy levels in order
how is energy transferred from one organism to another? when an organism eats another, herbivores eat producers then carnivores eat herbivores
Whats an organism? any living thing
Whats a monocot? angiosperm with 1 cotelydon
Whats a dicot? angiosperm with 2 cotyledons
What are cotelydons? stored food
Created by: VaLeRiA!