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religion vocab

magisterium the official teaching authority of the church
virtues enable us to live good life and become more like God. the virtues are cardinal and theological
vices a bad habit that inclines us to choose evil
cardinal virtues four hinges that support moral living. prudence justice temperance fortitude
nihilism a philosophy that denies theres any meaning in existence or in religious beliefs. the only thing that matters after life is nothing
original sin consequence of the sins of our first parents
free will the power that allows a person to perform deliberate actions
paschal mystery Gods love and salvation revealed through the life passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ
Dignity the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect. every human has this
Beatitudes an attitude guiding us to follow Jesus more closely. beatitude means happy
Kingdom of God God's peace justice and love proclaimed by Jesus
Justification the Holy Spirits grace that cleanses us from our sins through faith in Jesus and baptism
Grace a free and unearned favor from God
sanctifying grace makes us holy
actual grace God's intervention
habitual grace permanent. a gift from the holy spirit
charisms gifts from the holy spirit given to individual christians to build up church
discipleship mandate of all baptized christians to follow jesus and particiapte
discernment decision making process that attends to implications and consequences of an action choice.
prudence inclines us to lead good, moral lives
justice fairness
temperance the means between extremes. ex) greed vs. abstinence.
fortitude courage, abilitiy to overcome fear in order to do good
faith a belief in jesus and the gospel
hope looking to the coming of God's kingdom
love most celebrated of the theological virtues
natural law God's external law and never changes. permanent and universal
evangelical counsels vows taken to poverty, chastity and obediance
imputable ascribed, attributed, deffinitly linked to a specific accountable person. it means something that someone has that cant be taken away
Golden Rule do unto others what you would want them to do to you
moral object an action you do which suggests whether the action is directed toward the good
intention why,when,where,who,how,motive to action.
circumstances answers to the intention
merit what your owed
repentance metonia. change of mind or heart. turning from your sins.
solidarity christian virtue of social charity and friendship
subsidiarity the principle of catholic social teaching that holds that a higher unit of society should not do what a lower unit can do as well
canon law established rules by catholic church
ignorance not knowing what we should do or not
habit repeated behaviors
fear panic in the face of danger
inadvertence distracted while acting
divine law keeps us on right path, helps us discern right from wrong and indicates what is sinful
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