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Mathews-Voc. P/C

chemical and physical change

chemical change usually reversible change in the physicals properities of a substance, size or shape
physical change irreversible chemical reaction involving the atom of one or more substances and a change in their chemical.
precipitate separate from a solution as a percipitate
combustion act of process of burning
natural in a form by nature
synthetic some times made by a synthetic or chemical process.
monomer molecule of law molecular weight capable of reaction with identical or different molecules of law molector weight to for a polymer.
polymer a compound of high molecular weight derived either by addition.
reactants the chemical we have at the start of a reaction, always go to the left
product substances formed in a reaction, always go to the right
natural resource resources that are important to humans and are found in nature
List physical changes list an example -a physical change -a change in a substance that does not change the substance -chang ein form or appearance example: cutting grass
What are some causes of physical changes Grinding, cutting, crushing, bending, breaking, heating/cooling, squishing, stretching, flattening
Evidence of a phsycial change change shape, form, size, state and are usually reversable.
What could you do to these items to cause a physical change? orange ice cookie peel it melt smoosh it
what is a chemical change , give example a chemical change is a change in which a substance is changed in to a different substance. silver rusting
Causes of chemical reaction -a chemical reaction occurs when two or more molecules react. -bonds between atoms are broken or formed new molecules. Do you know the illustration?
Evidence of chemical change: give a descriptions color change- example? new molecule created light differently producing new colors ex. leaves changing
Evidence of chemical change: give a descriptions temperature change- example? energy is either released or absorbed. Making the surrounding hot or cold. example: fever
Evidence of chemical change: give a descriptions formation of percipitation give example when solid suddenly appears in a solution and settles to the bottom. ex. chucks of sour milk
Evidence of chemical change: give a descriptions gas formed give example when gases provided in a reaction are released ex. baking soda and vinegar
Evidence of chemical change: give a descriptions combustion burning example reaction between substances usually including oxygen by giving off heat/light candle
Chemical or Physical change: Butterfly process: Grasshopper getting bigger: frying a egg: melting ice: chemical physical chemical chemical phsyical
law of conservation of mass matter cannot be created or destroyed, it simply changes forms
______ of wood and oxygen= ___ of ashes, carbon dioxide, and water. Burning forming
Natural vs synthetic natural-found in nature, produce from bio process, easily broken down in nature artifically produced by humans, produces from chemical process, hard to break down (years to thousand of years)
Created by: Lawdermilt
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