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marine unit 1

The first person to attempt to circumnavigate, or sail completely around, the earth Ferdinand Magellan
Used to collect water samples Nansen bottle
Sound Navigation Ranging (a device that emits and receives sounds) SONAR
Drew the first map of the gulf stream Ben Franklin
This person sailed on the H.M.S. Beagle that visited the Galapagos Islands Charles Darwin
Round steel chamber used for diving to deep depths bathysphere
A self propelled submersible device that is operated out of Woods Hole Massachusetts Alvin
A floating Instrument Platform that sinks halfway into the water FLIP
Called the founder of Oceanography, he collected large amounts of data while sailing on the H.M.S. Challenger Sir Charles Thompson
An early navigator responsible for making his crew eat citrus fruit to combat the disease called scurvy Captain Cook
Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus SCUBA
a force that supports floating objects bouyancy
a measure of depth in the ocean (approximately 6 feet) fathom
used to measure the transparancy of the water (amount of plankton) secchi disk
a nautical mile knot
the name of the bathyscape used to travel to the bottom of the marianas trench in 1960 trieste
used for large scale fishing of tuna, no longer used as much because of killing of dolphins purse seine net
Used to obtain a deep core sample of bottom sediment core sampler
Towed behind a boat to obtain samples of plankton plankton net
the deepest of the oceans pacific
this ocean has a well developed true mid-ocean ridge atlantic
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