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WGU IOC4 - Social

Land Biomes, Terrestrial Biomes and Aquatic Biomes

What is a biome? plant and animal communities that cover large areas
TRUE or False: Tiaga is not a type of biome? False
TRUE or FALSE: Abiotic factors affect the type of biome in a given region. True
Biomes are primarily classified according to latitude and climate
Where is tundra generally located? Arctic and Antarctic regions
What percentage of the earth’s surface is tundra? 20
What type of trees dominate taiga? coniferous
The largest terrestrial biome is Tiaga
Which is not common in a temperate deciduous forest? caribou
________ trees produce cones and narrow leaves. coniferous
Tropical forests comprise less than ____% of the earth’s surface but contain ____% of all species. 2 : 50
the tropical forest climate does not have excessively high winds
By definition, deserts receive less than __ centimeters of rain per year. 30
a succulent, a type of plant that stores water in its fleshy leaves. cactus
Grasses thrive in the grassland biome because: Grasses are very efficient photosynthesizers.
Which animal is not common in grasslands? bears
Where are savannas located? in tropical and sub-tropical regions
Animal life in ________ is dominated by large grazing herbivores, such as zebras, and their predators, such as lions. savannas
What percentage of the earth’s surface is covered by water? 75
Thermocline refers to the change in heat as one goes deeper ______________. underwater
___________ are a unique marine biome, outside of the pelagic zone. Coral reefs
What type of lake has a large amount of photosynthesis? utrophic
What are hydrophytes? plants that grow only in water
Freshwater biomes have a less than __% salt concentration and cover a ______ area of the earth’s surface. 3%; small
Organisms in estuaries are resistant to ________. osmotic stress
Marine biomes have a more than __% salt concentration and cover __% of the earth’s surface. 3; 75
Created by: theoleyschool