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Virus Vocab

Virus A small, nonliving particle that invades a living cell and then replicates or makes many copies of itself using materials inside the cell
Pathogenic causing disease
Nonpathogenic not causing disease
infectious capable of being transmitted among people (This may occur in a variety of ways: contaminated air, water or food, direct contact with infected person, object or animal, etc.)
Noncellular not forming a living cell
Parasite organisms that live on or in another organism (host) and cause them harm
Incubation the period of development requiring ideal environmental vonditions (time it takes for the host to develop and display signs of the disease to which it has been exposed) Ex: the incubation period for colds is 24-48 hours
Epidemic the rapid spread of an infectious (contagious) disease
Quarantine isolation from the others so as to prevent the spread of disease
vaccine a substance containing dead or weakened viruses which cause the body to make antibodies- cells produced by your own body in response to a vaccine. These antibodies protect you against that particular disease.
Interferon a protein which helps your body fight disease causing viruses. It seems to protect uninfected cells.
Immunity resistance to an infection by a specific pathogen
Antiviral a substance which kills viruses that have invaded an organism.
Created by: maglove97