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Latin III.

Latin III midterm vocab. and Grinch vocab.

aestas summer
exercitus army
imperator general
mare sea
nox night
res thing, matter
rex king
scutum shield
spes hope
telum weapon
acer sharp, fierce
finitimus neighboring
vetus old
tamen nevertheless, still
ago do, drive
arbitror think, consider
caedo cut, kill
cedo yeild, go
cognosco learn
conor try
constituo decide
curro run
dico say, tell
doceo teach, show
eo go
fero carry, bear
intellego understand
interficio kill
malo prefer
morior die
munio fortify, build
progredior go forward
tango touch
venio come
vinco conquer
acies battle line
celeritas swiftness
edo eat
proficiscor set out
vendo sell
appello name, call
augeo increase
fossa ditch
incolo live, dwell
mensis month
veho carry
aedes building, house
aliquis someone
ceteri the others
doleo suffer, grieve
emanare arise
patior put up with
cano sing
astutus shrewd
circumspicio look around
quia because
tarandrus reindeer
arcesso call, summon
filium wire
annecto tie
nix snow
somnio dream
adveho carry
casula little house
area square
extrudo stick out
caminus flue
tibialia stockings
aufero take away
aggredior go to
curo attend to
infarcio stuff
suspirium sigh
mora delay
quandam certain
Created by: rsmeltzer