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astronomy midterm re

what is the best model of earth oblate spheroid
what happened to create the universe what is some evidence of this the big bang. Evidence is the universe expanding and microwave radiation
how hold is the universe 14 billion years old
how old it the earth, sun, and sloar system 4.6 billion years old
what is the most importanat influence on earth's tides the moon
true or false high tides bulges are generally under and the opposite the moon true
spring tides are higer at high and lower at low tide
when do spring tides occur full and new moon
when do solar eclipses occur at new moon phase
when do lunar eclipses occur at full moon
jovian planets are like jupiter and are large and made mostly of low density gas
terrestrial planets are like earth and are smaller and have high density rocky and metallic spheres
what is the source of the sun's energy nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium atmos
where is our solar system located one of the outer arms of the milky way galaxy
why do most celestial objects appear to rise in the east and set in the west beacuase earth rotates on its axis from west to east
how fast does earth rotate at 15 degrees per hour
Created by: mwheele2