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Mission 4

Mission 4 review

What is a vector? an organism that transmits a disease
Malaria is common in areas of the world with what type of climate? Hot and tropical
Which mosquito species transmits malaria? Anopheles
Which main symptoms are associated with malaria? Recurring fever and anemia
In how many countries is malaria endemic today? 100
Approximately how many people die each year from malaria? 1 million
Which age group is most likely to die from malaria? children under 5
The first scientist to discover the organism that causes malaria was: Alphonse Laveran
Who was the first to discover that an insect, the mosquito, can carry a parasite that causes a human disease? Patrick Manson
Laveran’s bodies are what? malaria parasites
Ronald Ross is important in malaria research because hedid what? proved that mosquitoes can carry malaria
The parasites that cause malaria are called what? plasmodia
The first organ that malaria parasites multiply in is the liver
What is anemia? Low red blood cell count
When malaria infected red blood cells explode, they flood the bloodstream with plasmodia and what? toxins
What are the stages in the mosquito life cycle from youngest to oldest? Egg-larva-pupa-adult
The fever experienced with malaria is the body’s response to the release of what? toxins
Name two effective ways to eliminate mosquitoes. Drain the breeding habitat, kill adult mosquitoes with insecticide, kill larvae with larvacide
The most effective way to eliminate plasmodia is to use what? anti-malarial drugs
Insects and rodents that spread disease are known as what? vectors
Created by: nancy_lois