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PHS Ch 1

Welcome to the Field of Health Science

accreditation official recognition from a professional association that an educational program meets minimum educational standards for an occupation.
alternative, complementary, integrative therapies healthcare practices and treatments that minimize or avoid the use of surgery and drugs.
career clusters groups of similar occupations and industries that share a core set of basic knowledge and skills for all workers.
career ladder a sequence of job positions progressing from entry-level to higher levels of responsibility and authority based on education, experience, and performance.
career pathways smaller groups of specialized occupations within a career cluster that require more specific sets of knowledge, skills, and training.
credentials documents proving a person’s qualifications for a particular occupation.
genomic medicine personalized medical care that uses a patient’s unique combination of genes and chromosomes to prevent illness and maintain health.
holistic care therapies that treat the patient as a whole person after assessing the individual’s physical, social, mental, and spiritual well being.
nanotechnology a field of science that manipulates individual atoms and molecules to create devices that are thousands of times smaller than current technologies allow.
National Health Science Standards standards determined by the National Consortium for Health Science Education, which describe the skills that workers need to succeed in healthcare careers.
regenerative medicine a form of medical care that creates living tissue to replace tissue or organ functions lost due to age, disease, injury, or birth disorder.
Western medicine he most common form of medical care in the United States, which uses medication and surgery to treat the signs and symptoms of illness.
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