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the anti-federalists advocated in favor of... states rights.
"we the people" in the constitution establishes the authority of government on the basis of... popular sovereignty.
after the revolutionary war, the national government... proved too weak to deal with growing economic and political problems.
the government set up by the articles of confederation had... only a legislative branch, consisting of a unicameral congress.
the connecticut compromise settled the dispute over... representation in congress.
"the federalist" was written to... win support for the constitution.
the major reason the Constitutional convention was called was to... make revisions to the articles of confederation.
one main reason the anti feds opposed ratification of the new constitution was because it... contained no bill of rights.
what is a weakness that federalists identified as one of the major issues in the articles of confederation? Congress did not have the power to tax.
the idea that the people have the right to abolish an abusive and unresponsive government was FIRST formally expressed by americans in the... Declaration of Independence.
what best describes the concept of limited government? government must operate within certain bounds set by the people.
what is a method of a formal amendment? proposal by two-thirds of congress and ratification by three-fourths of state legislatures.
the president's power to veto an act of congress is an example of... checks and balances.
what accounts for the ability of the constitution to endure for more than 200 years? built-in provisions for accommodating change.
when there is separation of powers... power is distributed among three independent branches of government.
the system of federalism does not provide for... uniform laws among the states.
an enabling act directs any area desiring Statehood to... prepare a constitution.
States must honor the legality of one anothers civil laws because of the... full faith and credit clause.
Local governments derive their power from... State constitutions and state laws.
the constitution requires the national government to guarantee... a republican form of government for every state.
the power of the national government to coin money is... and expressed power.
what is a basic characteristic of federalism? it divides power between a national government and state governments.
in the case McCulloch v. Maryland what was the supreme court ruling based upon? the supremacy clause.
the full faith and credit clause of the constitution provides that... state laws and court decisions must generally be honored by other states.
concurrent powers are those that are... exercised simultaneously by the national and the state governments.
what is an expressed power of the national government? the power to coin money.
the informal amendment process... results from the daily experiences of government.
the basic constitutional rights of the people were FIRST set out in the ... Bill of Rights.
what is true about the house of representatives? every state is represented by at least one member.
what is a qualification for the house of representatives? must be at least twenty five years old.
senators are elected to serve... six-year terms.
according to the constitution, who has sole power to impeach the president or vice president? The house of representatives.
what is a qualification for senators? must have been a citizen for at least nine years.
the number of senate seats held by each state is... fixed by the constitution.
what is the total number of voting members of the house of representatives? 435.
what power is enumerated to the legislative branch? power to make laws.
how often in years are congressional seats reapportioned? after the ten year census.
in McCulloch v. Maryland the court interpreted the "necessary and proper" clause to support the idea of... implied powers.
unnecessary projects that favor the districts of particular congressmen are known as... pork barrel legislation.
one of the checks the senate has on the president is... ??
body of fundamental laws setting out the principles, structures. and processes of government... constitution.
often described as a centralized government, one in which all powers held by the government belong to a single, central agency... unitary government.
under this system the government must resign if defeated by the legislature on an important issue... parliamentary government.
the power to make laws and frame public policies... legislative power.
the power the interpret laws, determine their meaning, and settle disputes within a society is known as... judicial power.
independent states that agree to form this may still retain their separate identities... confederation.
the structure of this requires that power be divided between a state's central and local levels of government... federal government.
the constitution has an obligation to... provide for justice and the people's general welfare.
locke, harrington, hobbes, and rousseau would most likely agree that... the state exists to serve the will of the people.
the theory underlying modern democracies was developed to... those of royal birth have absolute authority to rule.
the dominant political unit in the world today is the... state.
a federal government is one in which... power is divided between a central government and local governments.
what is NOT true of parliamentary government? the legislature is subject to the direct control of the executive.
what is among the characteristics of a state? population, government, and territory.
in a democracy, the will of the majority... cannot be used to deprive rights to a member of a minority group.
political powers in a state are concentrated at the central level under which form of government? unitary.
what is one of the purposes of government outlined in the preamble to the constitution? defending the nation against foreign enemies, insuring order and domestic tranquility, promoting the general welfare of the citizens.
what about the social contract theory is NOT true? the state is a natural extension of people's family structure.
in the past states limited voting rights by... charging a poll tax.
the provisions of the voting rights act of 1965 and its amendments of 197, 1975, and 1982 apply to... all national, state, and local elections.
the phenomenon in which fewer votes are cast for offices farther down the ballot is called... ballot fatigue.
the term "political socialization" can be defined as the... process by which people gain of acquire their political attitudes and opinions.
people with no sense of political efficacy... feel that any choice they make will have no effect.
to prevent fraudulent voting many states require that voters... be us citizens and register.
a larger number of americans today... consider themselves independents.
the single most significant predictor of a person's partisian voting behavior is his or her... party identification.
what state suffrage law would violate some provision in the federal constitution? a law setting a maximum age for voting.
money is an indispensable campaign resource because... it allows candidates to make themselves known to the public.
the oldest form of the nominating process in the us is... self-announcement.
the main purpose of a primary election is to... nominate a party's candidate for the general election.
the most costly items in a typical campaign budget today are... television advertisements.
in a closed primary... only declared party members may vote.
the smallest geographic unit for conducting an election is a... precinct.
a political action committee (PAC) is a... nonparty group that works to affect public policy.
the constitution gives the power to set the date for holding congressional elections to... congress.
the two-party system developed in the us mainly because... conflicts arose about the role of the federal government.
in the us a political party is made up of a group of people who... work to get candidates elected to political offices.
people belong to a certain political party... voluntarily because they made a personal choice.
what statement about federalism is true? a strong national government was of great concern to them.
over time the ideas first developed by minor parties are often _____ by major parties. borrowed.
the state party organizations... are generally loosely tied to the national committee.
what is a sign of weakened political parties? split-ticket voting.
the functions of the major parites in the u.s. politics include... nominating candidates for office, insuring the good performance of their elected candidates, providing a mechanism for the conduct of the government.
a one party system... exists in nearly all dictatorships today.
literacy tests worked to deny the right to vote to african americans primarily because... african americans were asked questions that were more difficult than those asked of prospective white voters.
which act first established a federal commission to investigate claims of individual voter discrimination? civil rights act of 1957.
a person who votes in the presidential election but does not vote for a congressional candidate in the same election is known as... a "nonvoting voter."
gerrymandering is considered unfair because... it sets district boundaries to decrease or increase one groups voting strength.
why are voting machines used? to minimize vote-counting errors.
campaign contributions to a presidential candidate can... be for any amount of money.
generally, where does one see a greater voter turn out? presidential elections.
the ____ amendment gave 18 year olds the right to vote... 26th.
what is the earliest and most important agent in the political socialization process? family.
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