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H519 Popn Dynamic 2


What is malnutrition? The lack of foods with proper vitamins and minerals for proper health.
Kwashiorkor Malnutriion caused by low protein intake.
Marasmus A protein calorie form of malnutrtion, symptoms include diarrhea.
Why do people use labor intensive farming? Because of cheap labor being unavailable
Reducing Post Harvest Food Loss Preventing insects and rodents from destroying crop before and after harvest.
Eating lower on food chain Eating more grains and aquaculture.
Improving yield per acre New plant varieties and farming methods as well as GMOs to produce higher yield of products.
GMOs Genetic engineering that allows genes from certain species into plants to allow for a higher yield.
Overgrazing Grassland disturbance
Soil Erosion 25 billion metric tons of soil are lost because of wind and water erosion
Deforestation Caused by logging and its conversion of forests into agriculture.
desertification Changing once fertile land into dessert through overgrazing.
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