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properties of water

the water molecule

Is water the ????????? abundant compound in most living things most! 80% of humans is water
Is water nuetral? No it has a slight negative charge on one side and a slight posotive charge on the other!! (This property is called being polar)
the bonds between water molecules are caled:??? Hydrogen bonds. They are weak temporary bonds.
cohesion the attraction of water to itself. causes water to form a bead when dropped on a flat surface
adhesion the attraction of water to other substances. caused because water is polor. sticks to the sides of thin tubes
capillary action in a very thin tube water can rise due to adhesion and cohesion. This helps pulls water up the stem of a plants
surface tension because of cohesion, things like a paper clip can float on water.
resistance to temperature change heat must break hydrogen bonds before water heats up. Thats why the ocean is so cold in the summer and hotter than other liquids in the winter
What happens when water freezes? the molecules will spread apart and have more air spaces this causes ice to float in water because it is less dense. Also if u fill a water bottle all the way and freeze it, it will break the cap because it expands
is water a good solvant yes because the adhesion of water molecules is strong enough to break the hygrogen bonds water is polar and atracts more ions
Created by: rachelif95