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African Geography

African geography

Rift cut in the earth's surface
Desertification drying up and becoming a desert
Arid dry
Steppes semi arid grasslands
Tributaries Small rivers flowing into larger rivers
Headwaters streams at or near the source of a river
levees built to prevent flooding
Population Density number of people per square mile
Deltas triangular silt deposits at the mouth of a river
Silt rich soil brought by erosion
Savanna a treeless grassy plain
Escarpment Steep slope or cliff
Ecology The study of relationships between organisms and their enviromment
Distribution Map Shows location and amount of people, crops, industries and resources in a an area.
Subsistence farming farming for your family and yourself
Describe the physical geography of Africa Africa has deserts, deltas, mountains Kilimanjaro, savannas, important rivers and deltas.
Three examples of rich African geography. The Nile River is located in Egypt. It is the longest river in the world. The Sahara Desert covers 1/3 of Africa. The Great Rift Valley is on the East Coast of Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. The Serengeti Plain in Tanzania.
How does dessertification occur and continue? The Earth's axis is tilted at 23 1/2 degrees. This tilt cause the temperature to rise. There was a decrease in precepitation. The land was used for farming and grazing which removes the ground cover. This causes the Sahara to grow every year.
The importance of the Nile River? The flooding of the Nile River caused silt to flow to farms along the river. provides power
The Aswan High Dam controversy. The dam was needed to protect people from flooding. Flooding caused loss of life and homes. It prevented drought which caused starvation. The silt trapped by the dam was needed by farmers. The chemical fertilizers may have a bad effect in the future.
The Aswam Dam provided an excellent source of energy name it. Hydroelectric power.
What is the Great Rift Valley? It was formed by 2 plates pulling apart. It is a cut in the Earth's surface located inland from the EastAfrican Coast. It extends from the Red Sea through Ethiopia, Kenya, and into Tanzania.
Describe some of the environmental problems facing the African content and why the problems are so hard to solve Human need for food and income are destroying the land. When faced with eating or the environment- they chose eating. Animal habitats are being destroyed for farmland. This cycle causes desertification.
Factors of population density. Fertile soil attracts people who farm for a living. The Nile River provides water and power. The animals of the Serengeti and the Victorian Falls attract tourists which creates jobs for the people of the area.
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