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Bloom Final

Final for science

Black Box Anything in science that can't be seen
Model reperentation or explanation of something that shows how something works or looks
Siphon tube that moves liquid using gravity.(One out take has to be below intake)
Conceptual Model math,words,or drawings to explain moadelshow somethings works or is built
Physical Model real model that can be tested
Collaborate work togeather
Consensus everyone agrees
Circuit unbroken pathway that electricity flows through
Switch device that opens and closes a circuit
Axle rod connecting wheels
Bearing device that allows axle to turn
Wheel a disc that turns around a central axis
Design 1.product- plan for making something 2.proccess of how to make somthing
Engineer person who designs something
Friction force that resits motion
Traction friction between surface and wheel
Pheoc Problem-state problem Hypothesis-educated guess Experiment-test hypothesis Observation-analize data Conclusion=answer Hypothesis or start over
Difference between model + design model-represents life like things/Design-something from scratch
Created by: njs#30