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carolinescience mid

caroline science midterm

hypothesis a theory that can be tested
control part of expierement that you dont change
convection current when something (fluid or gas) is heated it rises ad then it cools and sinks and it consantly moves in a circle
lava hot molten rock above the ground
magma hot molten rock below the ground
Pangea he theory that all the continents were connected before they split
sedimentary rock a rock form when mud and other contents fuse together
density d+=m/v how much matter you can fit into volume
mechanical advantage output force/input force
efficany output work/input work x 100% the efficany of a machine compares the output work to the input work.
what is a machines machanical advantage the number of times a force exerted ona machine is multiplied by the machine
KHDBDCM kilo,hecto,deca,base,deci,centi,mili
interpolate finding data within graph
extapolate finding data outside of the graph
linear sraight line
nonlinear not a line
latitude horizontal lines on a map or a globe
longitude vertical lines on a map or a globe
axis imaginary line running vertically through an object
rotation when an object spins around its axis
revolution an object moves around another object ex.365.25 days=1 year
lunar month the time it takes the moon to go around the earth ex.30 days or 29 days
astronomy study of the moon, stars, objects in space
solisitce the time of year that one of the poles is facing the sun
equinox when the sun shines in the equator
new moon the sun lights the side of the moon facing away from earth. the side of the moon that faces the earth is dark
waxing creasent you see more and more of the lighted side of the moon. this si called a waxing cresent moon
first quarter you see half of the lighted side is the moon
waxibg gibbous the moon continues to wax. the moon is called gibbous
full moon you see the whole lighted side of the moon
waning gibbous the fraction of the lighted side of the moon that you see gets smaller each day
third quarter you can see half of the moons lighted side
waning creasent you see a cresent again
tides the moon revolves aroundthe earth in an oval shape. when the moon is close to the earth, gravity pushes down on the water, and since the water has no where else to go it spreads out and creates a high tide every 12 hours
solar eclipse moon blocks sun light to the earth
lunar the earth blocks the moons sunlight
what happens during a solar eclipse? the moon blocks the sun to the earth. the part of the earth that gets darkis an UMBRA or moons shadow
what happens to the places near the umbra? they excpierence a partial eclipse or a PENUMBRA where it gets partially dark but the sun manages to spread a little light
rockets they fly by action-reaction. when 2 objects are together and they push they will both go different ways. ex.if a man on roller skates fires a gun at a target the man will go backwards and the bullet goes forward
comet a large dirty chunk of ice and dust(size of earth mounains) .comets make eliptical around the sun
asteroid a giant chunk of rock. most are found between the orbits of Mars+Jupitar
meteriods pieces of comets or asteoids
meteor meteorid that burns up in earths atmosphere from friction
what is the rock cycle? ingeous-metimorphic-sedimentary
wheather the condition of earths atmosphere at a paticular time and place
atmosphere the laer of gases that surrounds the planet
ozone a form of oxygen which contains 3 oxygen atoms in each molecule instead of the usual 2, is sometimes found in air-o3-it forms when lightening interacts with oxygen
plate tectonics earths plates are moving slowly in various directions
plate major piece of earths crust that moves
force push or pull
acceleration the rate at which velocity changes
inertia the tendancy of an object to resist change in motion
what are the 6 simple machines inclined plane, wedge,screw,lever,wheel and axle and pulley
what are the 3 types of levers? first class ex.seesaw second-class ex.bottle openers third class-ex. shovles
lithosphere the solid portion of the earth, the crust and upper mantle
hydrosphere the water on or surrounding the surface of the globe, including the water of the oceans and the water in the atmosphere.
troposphere the lowest layer of thr atmosphere
fossils fuel materials suc as coal that are burned to release their chemical energy
fulcrum the fixed point around which a lever pivots
joule a unit of work equal to one newton-meter
climate the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years.
condenses to become liquid or solid, as a gas or vapor
compound machine a device that combines two or more simple machines
radiation the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
precipitation a solid that forms from a solution during a chemical reaction
what is Newtons 3rd Law of Motion? states that if one object exerts a force on another object, then the second object exerts a force of equal strength iin the opposite direction
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