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Week 2 Chapter 4

Chaperone proteins assist in the proper folding of other proteins so they can have the correct functional shape. true
Any large molecule made up of many identical small molecules is called a(n) polymer
Which of the following is polymer of glucose that is sometimes referred to as animal starch? Glycogen
When two amino acids are joined, a peptide bond is formed and an H+ ion is released. false
A very large molecule composed of subunits of sugar, a nitrogen base, and a phosphate bond is a nucleic acid
What term is often used to describe certain arrangements of atoms attached to the carbon core of many organic molecules? functional group
The most important monosaccharide is glucose
Which term means “water loving” and applies to the phospholipid head? hydrophilic
In base pairing of DNA molecules, _____ is bound to _____. adenine; thymine
Which of these is not a lipid? polysaccharide
DNA and RNA are important because information molecules
All proteins have which four elements? carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen
The lipid that is often referred to as a tissue hormone is prostaglandin
ATP is the form of energy that cells generally use.
A triglyceride is composed of a glycerol molecule and three of the same type of fatty acid. false
What determines how a protein performs? shape
Proteins are polymers of amino acids
A saturated fatty acid is one in which all available bonds of its hydrocarbon chain are filled.
RNA and DNA have the same pyrimidine bases but different purine bases. false
RNA and DNA have the same pyrimidine bases but different purine bases. organic molecules
The types of lipids found that form hormones, such as cortisone, estrogen, and testosterone are: steroids
The basic building blocks of fats are: fatty acids and glycerol
Which level of protein structure refers to the number, kind, and sequence of amino acids? primary
The roles played by proteins can be divided into which categories? Structural and functional
When two molecules of glucose are joined, they form which disaccharide? maltose
Unsaturated fats: will kink or bend because of the double bonds between the carbon atoms
Which of the following is not true of carbohydrates? They include substances commonly called sugars, They are the body’s primary source of energy, They are a part of both DNA and RNA.
What is the most important factor in determining the physical and chemical properties of fatty acids? Degree of saturation
Which lipid acts as a “tissue hormone”? Prostaglandin
Which of the following is not true of RNA? It contains ribose sugar, It contains adenine, It is composed of smaller molecules called nucleotides.
The term glycoprotein, a combination of two words, tells you that the compound is made of _____, with _____ being the dominant component. carbohydrate and protein; protein
The element that is present in all proteins but not in carbohydrates is: nitrogen
All of the following substances are organic except: electrolytes
Which of the following is not true of both triglycerides and phospholipids? They both contain a hydrophobic and hydrophilic end
If one side of a DNA molecule is CTAGGCTG, the other side would be: GATCCGAC
A structural lipid found in the cell membrane is a: phospholipid and steroid
Peptide bonds join together molecules of: amino acids
The alpha helix is an example of which level of protein structure? Secondary
Sometimes referred to as animal starch, _____ is the main polysaccharide in the body. glycogen
The type of lipoprotein associated with “bad” cholesterol and the production of atherosclerotic changes in blood vessels is: LDL
The formation of sucrose involves the removal of a molecule of water. This is called: dehydration synthesis
Which energy-releasing or energy-transferring molecule does not contain a nucleotide? Creatine phosphate
Humans can synthesize 13 of 21 basic amino acids; the remaining 8, which must be included in the diet, are called: essential amino acids
The amino group in an amino acid is: NH3+
Which lipid is part of vitamin D? Steroids
Prostaglandins and steroids share which of the following characteristics? Both have a ring structure in their molecule
Amino acids frequently become joined by: peptide bonds
Which of the following is not one of the major groups of organic substances in the human body? salts
DNA: is a double-helix strand of nucleotides
A _____ is a functional group that is temporarily unattached and is highly reactive because of unpaired electrons. free radical
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