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Toni Collins

Anatomy and Physiology

A signal is traveling toward a particular center or point of reference in homeostasis. Afferent
In homeostasis, a signal is moving away from a center or other point of reference. Efferent
Organs, such as muscles or glands, that directly influence controlled physiological variables are _____________. Effectors
This is a functional group that is temporarily unattached and is highly reactive because of unpaired electrons. Free Radical
All ___________compounds contain the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen—usually in the ratio of 1:2:1. Carbohydrates
Lipids ordinarily do not dissolve in water because lipid molecules are generally ________________. Nonpolar
__________________ are often called tissue hormones, are lipids com-posed of a 20-carbon unsaturated fatty acid that contains a 5-carbon ring Prostglandins
The sebaceous gland secretes ___________ to lubricate and condition the hair and surrounding skin to keep it from becom-ing dry, brittle, and easily damaged. Sebum
These glands are located deep in the subcutaneous layer of the skin in the armpit (axilla), the areola of the breast, and the pigmented skin areas around the anus Apocrine Sweat Glands
This dermal layer has projections into the epidermis; contains fine collagenous and elastic fibers; contains the dermoepidermal junction; forms a unique pattern that gives individual fingerprints. Papillary Layer
This layer contains dense, interlacing white collagenous fibers and elastic fibers to make the skin tough yet stretchable; when processed from animal skin, produces leather. Reticular Layer
Epidermal dendritic cells trigger helpful immune reaction working with these cells. Helper T Cells
Bones serve the 5 following functions: Support Protection Movement Mineral Storage Hematopoiesis
____________ is a thin, fibrous membrane that lines the med-ullary cavity of long bones. Endosteum
The _________________ cavity is a tubelike hollow space in the diaphysis of a long bone, also called a marrow cavity. Medullary cavity
The _________________of bone, or bone matrix, can be subdivided into two principal chemical components: inorganic salts and organic matrix. Extracellular Matrix
Created by: ToniLisa
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