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Week 5 Chapters 11, 12, & 13

The very small bone that lies just posterior and lateral to each nasal bone is the lacrimal
The largest sesamoid bone in the body is the patella
The main shaft-like portion of a long bone is the diaphysis
Anatomically speaking, which bones compose the wrist? carpals
Which bone serves as the keystone in the architecture of the cranium? sphenoid
Which structures are unique to the fetal skull and provide additional space for molding the head shape as the baby passes through the birth canal? fontanels
Anteriorly, each rib of the first seven pairs attaches to the sternum
The bone that claims the distinction of being the only bone in the body that articulates with no other bones is the hyoid
The bone that claims the distinction of being the only bone in the body that articulates with no other bones is the fibula
What structures normally hold the foot bones firmly in their arched positions? ligaments and tendons
Which of the following bones form the framework of the hand? metacarpals
Compact bone contains many cylinder-shaped structural units called osteons
_____ fibers are present in all three types of cartilage, but they are most numerous in fibrocartilage. Collagenous
The most common type of cartilage is hyaline
The medial part of the anterior chest wall is supported by a dagger-shaped bone called the sternum
Which of the following is not a type of bone? regular
The joint between the pubic portions of each coxal bone is the pubic symphysis.
Cartilage is classified as _____ tissue. connective
Which two bones compose the shoulder girdle? clavicle and scapula
Spongy bone is characterized by open spaces partially filled by an assemblage of needle-like structures
If you are working on an archeological dig and find the remains of a human pelvis with a subpubic angle of 110 degrees, you can assume that this pelvis belongs to a female
Fibrocartilage can be found in the symphysis pubis
The vertebral bones that support the small (lower section) of the back are the lumbar vertebrae.
Which of the following is not a bone in the skull? clavicle
Which of the following is(are) not in the appendicular skeleton? vertebrae
The extracellular components of bone matrix are hard and calcified.
Which of the following is a facial bone? zygomatic bone
The two bones that form the framework for the forearm are the radius and ulna
Why are the last two pairs of false ribs designated as floating ribs? Floating ribs do not attach even indirectly to the sternum
Which of these pelvic bones is the most anteriorly placed? pubis
Created by: ashleysummers
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