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pharm suffix

self created suffix list

-afil phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitor
-dronate bisphosphonate; bone kesporption inhibitor
-mustine alkylating agent (antineoplastic)
-gliptin antidiabetic inhibitor of the DPP-4 enzyme
-lamide carbonic anhydrase inhibitor
-mycin antibiotic; antibacterial
-nacin muscarine antagonist (anticholinergic)
-nazole antifungal
-olol beta blocker
-olone corticosteriod /anabolic steroid
-onide corticosteriod
-oprazole protone pump inhibitor
-parin antihrombic anticoagulant (blood thinner)
-phylline xanthine derivative (bronchodilator)
-pramine tricyclic antidepressant (TCA)
-pril ACE inhibitor
-profen NSAID
-ridone atypical antipsychotic
-sartan antigiotensin II receptor antagonist, ARB
-semide loop diuretic (waterpill)
-setron 5-HT3 receptor antagonist
-setron antiemetic and anti nauseant
-statin HMG- CoA reductive inhibitor, statins
-tadine antiviral; anti-influenza-A
-terol beta agonist; bronchodialator
-thiazide thiazide diuretic (water pill)
-tinib anti neoplastic (kinase inhibitor)
-trel female hormone (progestin)
-tretin retinoid; dermatologic agent; form of vitamin a
-triptan antimigraine; selective 5- HT receptor agonist
-tyline tricyclic antidepressant (TCA)
-vir antiviral; anti-HIV, anti-herpes, anti-cmv, anti-flu
-vudine antiviral; nuleoside analogues
-zepam benzodiazepane
-zodone antidepressant
-zolam benzodiazepine
-zosin alpha blocker
-fenac NSAID
-dazole anthlemintic; antibiotic; anti-bacterial
-asone carticosteriod
-bicin antineoplastic; cyctotoxic agent
-caine local anesthetic
-cillin penicillan antibiotic
-cycline tetracycline antibiotic
-dipine calcium channel blocker
-bital barbiturate (seditive)
-eprazole proton pump inhibitor (PPI)
-floxacin quinonlone antibiotic
-glitazone antidiabetic; thiazalidinedione
-mab monoclonal antibody
-iramine antihistamine
Created by: Jrachele35
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