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science semester one

science semester one test

what is the job of an engeneer? to imagine a design, write it down on a blue print, build it test it then find the problems then improve it
what is the idea of a black box? its something scientest use to describe something that cant be physically examined.
what was the idea of the humdingger? was to create another black box or to guess what was inside.
heat is the flow of energy from warmer matter to cooler matter true
thermal energy is the total energyof the particlesthat make up any matter true
what is the difference between heat and tempatrue. heat is the the moving particles in an objct tempatuer just mausures the heat in an object
tempature is a measurment of the avarage motion of the particles in a substance or object true
expand is to take up more space ; to get larger true
contract to take up less space; to get smaller true
conduction is the flow of heat from one object to anotherby direct contact between the objects. true
conducter is a substance through which energy travels. true
insulator is a substance that slows down the transfer of heat. true
convection is the flow of energy that occurs when warm liquid or gas moves from one place to another. true
radiation is the transfer of energy from one place to another without the use of matter. true
what is a model? a model is a reprentation of something sometimes on a smaller scale
what is the difference between a physical and conceptual model? a physical model is something like a model car in 3-D a conceptual model is like a blue print in 2-D.
if three people are collarating, what are they doing? working together.
if the group that was collaborating had a problem and they came to a consensus, what did they do they agreed.
what is a circut? a circuit is a closed path that electrons can travel through.
what happens when you flip a switch? it opens a circuit so electrons cant pass through.
What is an axle? a shaft on whitch a wheel rotates.
true or false, a bearing is another word for a tire false, a bearing is a surface that another surface rets on.
define a hub. the hole or shaft through whitch an axle passes.
true or false, a tire is a hat. false, a tire is a wheel that rolls.
what is friction? friction is the force that slows down an object on contact.
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