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Chinese chapter one

看比赛 watch match kan bi sai
打羽毛球 play badminton da yu mao qiu
打篮球 play basketball da lan qiu
跳舞 dance tiao wu
写字 write characters xie zi
玩儿电脑 play computer games wan er dian nao
所以 so suo yi
的时候 when de shi hou
书店 book shop shu dian
学校 school xue xiao
商店 shop shang dian
银行 yin hang bank
饭店 hotel fan dian
服务台 cashier fu wu tai
司机 taxi driver si ji
售货员 shop assistant shou huo yuan
服务员 writer fu wu yuan
姓名 full name xing ming
出生日期 birthday chu sheng ri qi
出生地点 birthplace chu sheng di dian
地址 address di zhi
宠物 pets chong wu
对身体好 good for health dui shen ti hao
小时 hour xiao shi
shui who
早上 early morning zao shang
上午 morning shang wu
中午 midday zhong wu
下午 xia wu afternoon
晚上 evening wan shang
Created by: Dylan pATEL
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