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Keywords plates

Inner core The centre of the earth
Crust The outside layer of the earth
Lava Magma that has reached the outside of the earths surface
Convection currents Currents that move in circular motion in the mantle that help move plates
Plates Pieces of the earths surface that make up the earth (like a puzzle)
Plate tectonics The study of plates
Continental plates Plates with land on top of them
Oceanic plates Plates that have oceans on top of them
Plate Boundary When an oceanic and continental plate meet
Eurasian plate The plate Ireland sits on
Pangea A huge, historic land mass that used to cover the earths surface
Divergent plates Plates that separate/divide
Convergent plates Plates that collide
Transform plates Plates that slide past each other (traffic)
Mid Ocean Ridge An underwater mountain range
Volcanic islands Mountains on the seabed rise up to the surface of the ocean
Crater The opening hole on top of a volcano
Magma chamber Where magma is stored in a volcano
Vent The passage in a volcano that joins the magma chamber and crater
Active volcano A volcano that erupts regularly
Dormant volcano A volcano that hasn’t erupted in a while but could erupt again
Extinct The volcano has not erupted in thousands of years
Earthquake A sudden movement or trembling of the earths surface
Focus The beginning point of an earthquake
Seismic waves The waves that cause trembling from the focus point of an earthquake
Epicentre The centre of the earthquake on the earths surface
Aftershock An earthquake taking place after another earthquake
Seismograph An instrument that helps us measure an earthquake
Richter scale An instrument that shows the strength of an earthquake (magnitude)
Tsunami Huge waves caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions taking place under the sea
Short term response Something that has to be done immediately after a disaster
Long term response Something that will take a long time to do after a disaster
Fold Mountains Mountains that have been formed by convergent plates
Anticline In mountain ranges anticline is the rock that goes upwards
Syncline In mountain ranges syncline is the rock that goes downwards
Created by: KBertier
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